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Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by Woffleet, May 28, 2017.

  1. DiCEM0nEY

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    Zombie behemoths are really good.

    Dark knights can be surprisingly powerful if used at opportune times, thanks to magic immune. With a dead magic voodoo, you can really make a power play.

    Wandering zombies are really only so so imo. Few decks have a lot of physical is why, and honestly 1x dark knight is kind of good lol. Risen moga have that weird was disease shield I'm not a fan of. But I do like their ranged capabilities and relatively strong hp value.

    Frenzied zombie with black pearl still my favorite combo.

    I run doom, but it honestly sucks. I guess it's decent since fw doesn't have spot equip destroy, but.... Maybe I should start using something else.

    I'm going to start running +1 Or 2 spd aboms for the black pearl combing as well, might be too weak to breaks due to nora cost tho.
  2. Woffleet

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    black pearl is really an amazing equip for zombies. I completely agree. Dark Knight seems promising but really expensive. Does the reanimation have race zombie? This is important in terms of maintaining the minimum count of 5 for Zombie Apocalypse especially considering how expensive he is. I am really tempted to run despoil. If nothing else just to protect my army from spells.
  3. DiCEM0nEY

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    Yes it does. He is very situational, but if the enemy has primarily physical or magical attack, he is going to be strong. I run despoil, and the nora globe drop is one of his larger weaknesses, but despoil is a decent rune if you can use the speell protection. The nora pickup isn't good with the majority of the low cost zombies, but it can at least pay for itself occasionally.
  4. XFurionsX

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    What was the name of the ability that dusk creeper had in the past, that collect the globes from afar, i forgot the name, that could be usefoul for the double globe from the DK.
  5. DiCEM0nEY

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    Soul collector? There's no zombie that has it though. Despoil and retreating. is the best way for now. Dk is a situational play, so you just have to take into account how much he will take to remove. Usually I play him as a Trump card, and the enemy poder is like "well Bane Shift because they don't have a good way of getting through the resistance and immunity magical. But those situations aren't very common, and he's probably not as good as coagh in most cases. I don't own coragh though
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    I beat braxzee with this by, and he controlled the mid font for ~5 turns.
  7. OriginalG1

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    post the bg?
  8. DiCEM0nEY

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  9. OriginalG1

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    I wish blight then holy did a little more to IS. Hoary for amp disease, so good, ultra competitive. :p

    Thanks for sharring!
  10. DiCEM0nEY

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    I find disease amp to be more of an icing on the cake type of deal. If I get it great, if not, there's a lot of cheap meat to spam in this deck, with rotwrapper and dead fairy support.

    You can probably take out desecration for an unholy tomb as well
  11. DiCEM0nEY

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    I changed the desecration for an unholy tomb.

    The key to this deck is that all units aim to be 57 nora and below, since that is a key number for the FW bonus utilization I have found.
  12. OriginalG1

    OriginalG1 I need me some PIE!

    corpse-a-pult a really good for spot swarm, just noticed you are not using it.
  13. DiCEM0nEY

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    Well, corpse pult costs 55, and there's always a champion available for play for around 57 nora, so the corpse pult really makes no difference for swarm aside from the 8 damage.

    The key to this deck is constant cheap meat deploys, with the ranged support. And a lot of patience, because the games I've convincingly won lasted an hour at least.
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  14. DiCEM0nEY

    DiCEM0nEY The King of Potatoes

    Please try my deck though, I don't have the time to really test it alone.

    Risen moga is 56 nora, both behemoths are 56, rot wrappers are using cripple and weary, dead fairy is using rotting and light as feather,

    Afflicted corpse is cheap with death nova 11 damage and I think they cost 40 nora.

    Use soul bane instead of blight holy if u want (just don't kill with it), and set swap out des for unholy tomb.
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