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Discussion in 'Forglar Swamp' started by lvl7mage, Apr 18, 2018.

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    Premise: I'm a new player to Poxnora all together, but a friend of mine and I have been playing this game religiously for about a week now - Him playing Forsaken and Me playing Forglar. At first the games were very even against one another, but now it seems like every game I play I lose. My BGs seem fine in Bot Games, but against a player my BG always seems underwhelming. I've been watching games, and trying to make sure I'm getting better skill-wise and thinking more about my moves, and I feel like I'm getting my head around some of FS's mechanics. My BG comp usually consists of
    15 Champs/10 Spells
    2 Relics/3 Equipment

    Is FS just not as good as other factions? I loved them once I played them and I've stuck with them ever since - though I did finish the tutorial for each faction.

    Is there a general idea of deployment strategy to follow? I usually start something like Melee/Tank, Ranged/DPS, Utility/Support then adjust the order as my enemy deploys.

    I've yet to buy an Avatar, but I'm saving up now. Though, i feel like if I'm losing badly enough to have to use an Avatar, I have other problems already. How often do Avatars come into importance?

    Should I be focusing on playing on the the offense, disrupting enemy fonts - or play on the defense, defending my own battlefield?

    Any other advice would be great, I just feel like every battle I get into is me defending the inevitable end of my shrine.
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  2. Capitulator

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    You should post the BG you are using (just a screenshot works or use then people can give you specific advice.

    The avatar isn't a huge deal while you are still getting your runes together. The main benefit is extra HP while in shrine form.

    Learning when to hang back with your champs and when to go for a kill (and to never just go in to do damage) is the main thing. Gnomes has recent videos with some good commentary that could help:

    As FS there aren't that many champions that can go one-on-one with other factions. You'll probably want to play fairly slow and careful, and use things like 2x Marsh Song to help build up an advantage over time. Of course, you might just run runes like Pirahnids, Tortun Fishkisser etc and play fast, but other factions tend to do that better.
  3. lvl7mage

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    This is my current BG I've felt most comfortable with. I really enjoyed the Firk, and decided the best way to play them would be psy amp, but would love advice on a nora manipulation BG
  4. Capitulator

    Capitulator I need me some PIE!

    Hopefully some better BG builders come along to help with this. Here's what I see:
    - work to swap out the Tortuns, Mucker, Thornflinger and Mimic for Firk with psychic attacks.
    - get rid of Nora Well as its only for gimic BGs
    - get rid of Drown as you don't have enough water gen for it. You have Psychic Blast and Reverberating Blast for finishing off champs which should be enough.
    - add in Cleansing Mist. The Botanist isn't enough cleanse by itself.
    - add some other relics so you have some to contest fonts while you stay back. Maybe Tortun Land Cannon, Poison Trap or Sacred Temple.

    Other than that this BG should be able to work while you learn the ropes. Exotic/Legendary champions to save up for are: Firk Infiltrator, Firk Executor and Stillwater Mutant. I don't have any spares but someone here might trade you some of those if you're lucky.

    Tactics: Top priority is to get a Mindcaller out. Tap all the enemy champs to get them Soultapped and generate some nora+damage. Use the Mindcaller to distract key champions with good abilities. Get Mind Shredders out and use their Ping as more ranged damage. Your go to tank is the Paraform then the Sensorate. Spellblaster if they get magic damage out.

    If you learn the knockback directions then Psionic Impact makes mad power turns. If possible hang back and build a lead with soultap + Marsh Song and hit them hard if they come to you.
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  5. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    I just played you and noticed that you deployed physical and fire attack champs against my champs who were immune / eaters of those damage types.

    Always check out the abilities of enemy champs and try to deploy counters.

    Keep playing as that’s the best learning tool.

    Reverberating blast is VERY effective vs UD.
  6. lvl7mage

    lvl7mage New Member

    So the BG I played against Fentum happened to be a Tortun BG I've been fooling around with, and all the damage is mostly fire & physical. The impervious on your fireslinger was absolutely killing me, as I have no corrosion in there, and everything else has fire eater :( everybody with alt damage are my support champs

    I appreciated the game and the feedback nonetheless. I'm disappointed it isn't easier to get custom games together with strangers
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  7. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    Yup. I'd be happy to play games vs you as you learn the FS style but it's just not very easy to chat in game and I can't be arsed with discord. There is an active discord group though and the will likely help you out.
  8. lvl7mage

    lvl7mage New Member

    Is there no "friend/buddy" system in Poxnora? Like what is that?
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  10. Kiruzen

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    Make sure you are spending the gold on the premade decks. Sacrificing the Dancers in the Snow deck is the best way to turn gold into shards.
  11. lvl7mage

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    That's what I've been doing. I've got a Firk Psy Amp BG that's been keeping up with my buddy's Cyclops BG. Could anybody give me a small list of the most common FF FS BGs? I'm interested in knowing what people play compared to what I'm doing
  12. Capitulator

    Capitulator I need me some PIE!

    From what I've seen the most played FS stuff at the moment are psychic (basically Firk + a couple of Jellebrium) and Salaman.

    Some other BGs, maybe in order of how strong they are:
    - Adaptive. See to find champions with this ability. Goes well with Boghoppers and Darkmarsh Warsong.
    - Poison + Knockback
    - Snaptooth
    - Mirefolk. This means mostly the Circadians.
    - Aquatics (plus some Semi-Aquatics). Just for fun, but Deep Dive is practically broken it's so good.
    - Death benefit. Look for champs with Short Lived, Death Charged, Soul Siphon plus Mucker/Jellyfish. Forced Reconstruction etc.
    - Fry. Again, find the ability on Don't forget to add Spark Charge.
  13. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    Reverberating Blast can be game winning vs UD
  14. lvl7mage

    lvl7mage New Member

    @Capitulator I have enjoyed Firk and their strengths, and love that they have adaptive options. I've meddled with the ability, but never considered doing a BG out of it. I haven't seen a lot of Salaman play, but they looked kind of neat with their relic/equip potential. Unfortunately I feel like the BGs I've made for Poison Amp have been lackluster.

    @Fentum I've heard that before, but don't understand why it's so game changing against UD
  15. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    UD generally want to rush with melee. It’s all about applying constant pressure. They have very limited cleanse and no spot cleanse.

    Rev Blast can take out two forward deployed melee guys with no cleanse around.

    That drastically reduces the pressure.
  16. lvl7mage

    lvl7mage New Member

    Makes simple sense. I don't have a fantastic grasp on all of the factions, as I apparently like to handicap myself to one faction in these kinds of games, and strictly play FS only. Another question I had was if there are any other auto autoincludes I should keep in mind for FS?

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