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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by Ohmin, Feb 26, 2015.

  1. Ohmin

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    Cyclonic Fesh became Range 4-5 but was 12-15 Nora more expensive?

    I kind of miss it being Ranged, though obviously it'd be OP if it didn't also get an appropriate cost hike.

    So would that be a change worth lobbying for, or are people happy with it's current price/qualities?
  2. RedScarlet

    RedScarlet I need me some PIE!

    I think 4-5 RNG is really bad. I think the least anyone can do is either make him a melee powerturn enabler or a range harass.

    At his current cost, I am suspicious that there is a manual cost hike. If not, he'll do well at -2DMG, -1SPD at 6, and +1DEF. And at this point, he'll be much cheaper. And his upgrades are just useless at best

    3-5RNG, elec overload, absorb
    U1: mobility, tunnel: earth 2, exertion 2
    U2: storm aco, elec eater, static greeting

    Or 1-2RNG, breaker: elec, resistance: elec 3, storm acolyte
    U1: mobility, tunnel: earth 2, exertion 2
    U2: regen 3, tough 2, scale armor

    Or my other idea is to return his Barrage1 + elec overload, but make him 5SPD and have Ponderous
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  3. doubtofbuddha

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    It is not really all that far out of line of the few other runes of around the same cost I checked.

    Cyclonic Fesh has base 80 and 29 points of abilities giving him a stats cost of 51 for
    12 attack, 7 speed, 1-2 range, and 47 hps

    Sixul the World-ender has base 79 and 25 points of abilities giving him a stats cost of 54 for
    12 attack, 7 speed, 1-2 range and 50 hps.

    Coragh Two-Heads costs 88 with 49 points of abilities giving him a stats cost of 38 for
    12 attack, 6 speed, 1 range, and 55 hps.

    Then you have things like the poor Bloodmane Ravager with base cost 71 and 23 points of abilities giving him a stats cost of 48 and
    13 attack, 6 speed, 1 range, and 53 hps.

    or the Jakei Wolfrider with a base cost of 70, 14 points of abilities and a stats cost of 56 with
    12 attack, 7 speed, 1-2 range and 42 hit points.

    Lonx Ambusher with a base cost of 72, 17 points of abilities and a stats cost of 55 with
    14 attack, 7 speed, 1 range, and 48 hit points.

    So yeah it is possible the Fesh has a manual adjustement somewhere, but based on the few runes I could find with somewhat similar stats profiles, he seems to be right in line with other things of his cost, if not a little bit better.
  4. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!

    Cost issues aside, I think there is unspoken (but deeply entrenched) resistance to allowing electric overload on a ranged unit.
  5. RedScarlet

    RedScarlet I need me some PIE!

    But forcing a 2x2 non mobile unit to double tap someone is as hard as playing with a broken trackpad and a bad lag
  6. Ohmin

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    RNG 4-5 is fairly bad yes, but getting 4-6 or even 3-5 would cost more nora, and I'm not sure it'd be worth it. The other option would be 2-4, which would give it an easier time against melee, but it's already got Damage Shield and Absorb so I'm not sure how necessary that would be.

    For comparison, the stats on Moga Cannon (which would be similar but with slightly better range) is 72 nora. Kartch (which also has DEF and HP) has 77 nora invested in stats as well. Juya is relatively cheap, being only 66 with just stats, but quite frankly she's an anomaly and should certainly be more expensive than she is. She's also another 2x2 though (and none of the others are), so I figure having slightly worse range increments might justify Cyclonic as being 63-66 nora itself, at range 4-5.

    I mean, if we can get 3-5 for the same price range, that'd be great, but expecting more than that seems like pushing it.

    I'd be surprised, 51 nora for those stats is pretty good, even for a 2x2.

    That's actually an interesting idea. Would change the function a fair but, but as far as ranged application of Rods it could be an interesting option as a specialized unit design.

    I do like my generally useful units though so I'm not 100% behind it; but it is interesting.

    Perhaps, but so long as it's unspoken there's no way to know how entrenched such views might be. For myself, I don't think it's a particularly large issue. I do think that Cyclonic was ridiculously good pre-revamp, to be sure, but it was because of the combination of stats, cost, and abilities on top of ranged. This would still not have what made it silly before, and it'd still fit the post-revamp balance scheme in terms of nora cost. We're talking about possibly making it a 90+ nora unit after all.

    Ultimately, unlike Sunder, I don't think Elec Overload has the same issues if made ranged. Certainly, it would make it easier to apply, and to apply to back-line units, but Rods are basically good for either transferring single-target damage to something you want to kill more* or more commonly for focusing AoE onto a single target. It's much more generic and combo-intensive. What's more, with Magnetic Pulse nerfed SP/IS or SP/FS splits are less problematic in the face of forced equips.

    *(As it is, this function is mostly worthless if it's only ever on front-line targets, since you should be able to reach them anyway.)
  7. RedScarlet

    RedScarlet I need me some PIE!

    Well tbh I like him best if he has less abilities sandbagging him. I just need him to perform via Elec Overload and a defensive measure via Absorb. That, he already has. His upgrades are horrendous and its hard finding something for him when his expensive core kit is alrdy on base.

    How is static aura +8 nora anyways? Thats just horse sht.

    Hw about this? His upgrades defines him, while keeping his base abilities simple like Mobility and Elec Aura1 or something

    U1: Elec Overload, Breaker: Elec, LStorm3
    U2: Absorb, Resistance: Elec 3, Storm Acolyte

    And lower the base stats
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  8. Vote Kanye 2020

    Vote Kanye 2020 Better-Known Member

    If he became 4-6 range, maybe lost 2 damage and got a nora increase of 8 I would be happy.

    He would be 89 nora for 10 damage, 7 speed, 4-6 range, 47hp, lightning blast, absorb, electic overload and damage shield 1. Which seems relatively reasonable to me. He would be slightly pricey nora wise, but he needs to be due to all his lightning storm/thunder head totem madness (Which I miss using).
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