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Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by kalasle, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. themacca

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    Yet majority of people suck at playing worms because they don't understand how to properly grow their SDZ and how they should play out until they have it to an adequate size. There is so much more to worms than drag and drop bile zombise all game and anyone who tries to play it that way is going to be Bane Shift with them.
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  2. Fleshbits

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    Can someone explain what SDZ and BZ stand for in the OP?
  3. NevrGonaGivUup

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    SDZ= Shrine Deployment Zone, the spaces around the shrine where you can deploy champions. Seperate from the dead magic zone surrounding the shrine and fonts.

    BZ= Bile Zombie, the champion that benefits the most from having an expanded shrine deployment zone.
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  4. themacca

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  5. Nigromanta

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    What do you mean with OTK combo? Could you explain it in-depth please?
    Im a new Worms player
  6. kalasle

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  8. kalasle

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    Cut down on the number of non-worms, increased BZ count back to 2, put in a Bloodworm with Surge. Trying to play even more defensive. For the first time, having to encourage myself to play BZ, rather than scale it back. Trying out Surge on Colossus as well. Loss of Surge on Eye hurt a lot -- much harder to establish a solid line. Added in a Reflecting Creeper as a pair to WZ.
  9. kalasle

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    New list feels better. WZ, Afflicted Corpse help patch holes in the normal worms lineup; Reflecting Creeper complements them as a more mid-cost tank against the plethora of non-physical. The relics allow the deck to play some light attrition, and spells provide spot killing power that worms sometimes lack. Not sure if 2x Biles are really needed -- haven't been yet -- but maybe.
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  10. Woffleet

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    Seriously great find on Necroweave. The spell is overcosted but is quite good. I never would of thought of it if it wasn't for this thread.
  11. Dolcebrodude

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    Decided to take worms on a spin with this pile

    Just 4000 gold off a Banner so don't mind that obvious include.
    There are two Dusk Creepers because I feel naked without Shroud and it has a high enough CD plus a huge target painted on its face.
    Currently super unimpressed by Maw.
    Siren seems okay with Pull so trying her out.

    How vital do you find the Enervating Collar? Seems like most problems can be solved by killing them.
  12. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    The collar is for killing problems. I somewhat agree on maw -- only run 1. Situationally useful.
  13. Dolcebrodude

    Dolcebrodude The King of Potatoes

    I guess Soulreave is doing something similar to Collar in the current list. If I find my ranged units getting rushed often I'll switch to the latter.
  14. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    No colossus?
  15. Dolcebrodude

    Dolcebrodude The King of Potatoes

    Not a fan of units with >90 nora costs and I just don't find myself wanting to cast it. So far putting WZ/Reflective as roadblocks has worked. Might just run a second WZ because that guy never goes on CD after he loses his head.

    On a side note Mobilized a Bloodfiend to get the mid font turn 2 on that 5 font FW map and got Fiend called imbalanced and dumb. Nevermind the Biles exploding on the guy's army.
  16. Tweek516

    Tweek516 I need me some PIE!

    Is that even worth though?
  17. Dolcebrodude

    Dolcebrodude The King of Potatoes

    If you mean the Mobi, then yeah got ap on two more units and the battle turned into an eternal 3 fonts vs 1. Obviously would rather have drawn my Bazaar but I still need to work on draw luck.
  18. kalasle

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    Colossus is worth it. Even after a series of nerfs, he is still incredible. He also covers a damage base that worms really need right now.
  19. Dolcebrodude

    Dolcebrodude The King of Potatoes

    Forced myself to cast colossus, he did alright, then got spell spammed. Generally have been struggling with opposing spells, started looking for some hate.
    Got to use Siren once but she netted me two kills so I'll keep her for further tests. Being able to Pull and then Phase out really helps.
    Need to work on re-establishing a gunline after I get blown up, I tend to degrade my battle plan to Fiend and BZ spam which is a bad habit.
  20. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    If you are experiencing this, then you are on the path to enlightenment. One of the hardest parts of playing worms is managing your own board presence.

    Sounds like a potentially good add. What does the new list look like?

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