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    Shortlist of problems I have with the Democrats:
    • Too centrist on most issues
    • Often beholden to corporate/donors interests
    • Too optimistic about their policies
    • Tries to use science and data but often not well, or cherry picking which parts they use
    • Little to no post-implementation accountability/analysis (general problem with most American policies, pass the bill and just hope it works out with nothing in place to analyze past decisions
    • Ineffective policies that seem to be virtue signaling rather than attempts at effective policy
    • And yes, too much compromise and getting nothing in return (like with Obamacare)
    In general, many of the things one party does, so does the other, but in general, I am more forgiving of the Democrats because at least they seem to have good intentions, while many Republican positions/policies seemed designed to be ineffective/destructive from the outset. Of course part of this is my own biases given that I tend to agree with the Democratic platform, so it's natural that I am more forgiving of their missteps when they are, on average, better at moving the country in the direction I desire than their counterparts.
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    There nothing I disagree with, also you forgot to mention that the dems gerrymander horribly , I know they do it to rig the election to their favour but still rigging
  3. Bushido

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    Got to give the CCP credit, they at least solve all of those issues.

    All issues are resolvable through blockchain tech. Probably why it will be outlawed.
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  4. Sokolov

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    Failing at rigging elections isn't a problem for me.
  5. Sokolov

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    I assume you heard about the recent heist?

    The fact that a "decentralized currency" can be "frozen" by its creators or other entities involved raises some concerns for me.
  6. Bushido

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    yes, have you heard about Ethereum 2.0? Because Ethereum 1.0 was never meant for the wide scale usage it sees. I'll give you some reading into the scene, but I have to dig it up, it is all well documented. the issue I THINK you are referring to only happens beccause of Eth 1,0's PoW concept. I believe this is related reading : Attacking the DeFi Ecosystem with Flash Loans for Fun and Profit (hackingdistributed.com)

    Most defi can't be frozen by creators (non Bane Shift coins that is). It is up to you to accept a hardfork, no1 can force it upon the network. The key to following the defi ecosystem is to note wheret he development work is being done.

    But i think the hilarious par is that the USA just heisted more money during Covid than any loss of $$ that has happened in all defi heists in the entirety of crypto heisting lol.

    Honestly I am just a coinsurer right now, but I have been casually learning solidity to write some simple Dapps, smart contracts... maybe defi-nora? letsss gooooo
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  8. Bushido

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    There's alot better reading on the subject, but basically flash loans can provide 0% interest loans because if a loan fails, the transaction rolls back, and funds are not in escrow.
  9. L33Ch

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    What's the point of the loan then for the Shylock ? Is there a transaction fee ? Or is it just to increase the perceived value of the coin through increased transactions ?
    With the risk of pumping and other hacks seems like inflation will burst this bubble even before regulation could.
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  10. Ohmin

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    Than why do you continue to speak the dialogue in those terms?

    The idea that the GOP is the "party of big business" has merit, but the idea that the Democratic party somehow isn't is ludicrous. "It's less bad with Democrats?" Have you been paying any attention to Democrats working hand-in-hand with Big Oil companies to try and establish "Carbon Credit" systems and the like?

    My point is that both are bad. Though at least the GOP speaks AGAINST regulations like these (even if it's just lip service for many)... while the Democrats are actively calling for more.

    That's your prerogative, but to me it's like saying: "I have less of an issue drinking down arsenic than strychnine."

    But the problem is you're talking about "conservatives" as if the GOP has actually represented them properly in the first place. And are still fixated on looking at GOP as the (relatively speaking) "bad guys" instead of considering the problem of corruption within government (or the media, tech companies, etc.) being bipartisan.

    Right, elections. Not legislation, not court rulings, etc. That's a Republic. People choose who will serve them in government, and those servents (ideally) do the will of the people when it comes to creating/amending/etc. laws, and so on.

    Public measures goes on the toes of legislation. Vs. electing a representative to give a voice regarding your own local interests on a state level.
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    Yes, "failing."
  12. Sokolov

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    Because it's relevant to the current US political situation where there are 2 parties, one that is generally on the left of the other. It doesn't mean that I think the spectrum covers any and all political stances.

    It's sort of like how I use words hot and cold - it doesn't mean that I think they represent all nuances of weather, but for the most part, they are sufficient in every day conversation and most people understand what I mean when I use the terms.

    Which is why I never said that?

    In fact, you will note that when answering another person, I specifically mention Democrats are ALSO in bed with corporations. Once again, you seem to be creating a cariacture of me to respond to instead of actually responding to what I said, and extrapoloating far more than what I am writing.

    Just because I criticize X doesn't mean Y is fine or that Z isn't a problem. I wish you'd stop doing this thing where you insert your thoughts into my words.

    Well, considering I support those types of ideas, yes, I know about them. Why wouldn't I?

    I try to evaluate policies based on their effectiveness at furthering the goals and values I think are important - it doesn't really matter if Republicans, Democrats or Corporations do it.
  13. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    Ah, interesting. I do think there's merit to decentralized currency but there seems to be a lot of kinks to work out (from the energy issue to even just building trust in general public by not seeming like some technofad).
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  14. Bushido

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    Believe it or not, I am actually Pro-planet-stewardship. But it is hard to take "the energy issue" about digital currency seriously when we all use countless amounts of KWH on netflix, phones, and poxnora. In fact, whenever someone bring up the environment as it relates to why we all need to do X, I just shutdown a bit. Solving the energy issue isn't a concern of mine because I foresee the human population shrinking drastically within the next 1000 years if we do not kill off all of human existence before then...i do my part by growing gardens and trees...but I also use paper plates because "Firk you pay me" is sort of my motto rn.

    The largest concern that I have for wide spread decentralized adoption is honestly tech and finance ability and literacy, and human intelligence / education as a whole. Because there are a lot of powerful forces that want to see education as dumbed down as it is right now for the general populace; and it is a shame because decentralized is the future, central banking is inefficient by design, and we could use more smart developers for rebuilding our financial system.
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    Can u post a link to these 0% interest loans plz as I wish to purchase several tonnes of gold....
  16. Sokolov

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    Some people say, "both sides are the same" but at least when it comes to gerrymandering, it isn't.

    Lately, when Republicans gain control, they gleefully gerrymander the districts to their heart's content, meanwhile, in many cases, Democrat legislators choose to give up this power to independent commissions.


    The result is what we have been seeing more of the last few election cycles: the state votes for a Democrat for President or Governor, but the state legislatures and the House have a Republican majority.

  17. Ohmin

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    It would seem to depend on how independent the commissions actually are.

    HR 1 (mentioned in the article above) for example, wants to mandate redistricting commissions, which in theory sounds fairly good, but in practice looking at voting records it seems more often for republicans to defect to democrats than the other way around. A Commission can be independent of legislature, which removes overt partisan issues, but it also means that any corruption or partisan influence that does take hold is more difficult to remove with basic elections.

    It's not the worst idea mind you, I'm just saying that there are potential flaws and loopholes by which the Democrats could take advantage. This is also a relatively new development, and in itself a reasonable ploy to paint republicans as the only badguys when it comes to this specific issue... well, except for the fact that it seems most oregon democrats are against it, but not enough to prevent a deal from being made to pass republican-lead legislation in their own attempt to restrain the democrats.

    Will be interesting to see how it plays out, and what sort of checks and balances will come along to keep it independant rather than just "get two of them to agree."

    It has potential... Personally, I've kind of always been in favor of "set" districts that can't be changed by legislature at all, but it might be too impractical given that cities change over time, and populations move about a city with development. A booming mining town might suddenly have their mine dry up and some other industry take it's place nearby, which could easily result in people moving even within that city/county/whatever.

    "Set" districts might also give too much power to the forming government, but I think that's less of an issue in the long term provided an organic "set" way to add on/grow districts as places get bigger... it's not overly simple, and maybe it's still impractical in the long run, but I think it'd be worth trying.
  18. darklord48

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    Seems to me like Republicans are defecting to Democrats because the two have been shifting right overall, where a 1980s moderate republican's platform is now a moderate democrat. At the same time, the extremes in both parties have become more vocal, so there are some democrats further left and some republicans further right than you would have seen at all in 1980s.
  19. Bushido

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    Politics are shifting left not right. I think you mean both parties are becoming more totalitarian. But there's actually still places that aren't cucked in the USA, there has been a lot of civil liberties put into place in certain states, such as protections against mask mandates.

    I also view the abortion ban as pro choice, because it gives the unborn child a choice, and also because you can't have choice without life. It's actually clown world stupidity, narcissism, and propaganda to say pro choice ending life.

    That being said, I support abortions in general, just depending on who is aborting. I do believe some people have a social responsibility to abort their children, such as those who are a burden to society.
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  20. darklord48

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    Who do you let define who is "a burden to society"?

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