Why the left is being stupid.

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    Trump is so unable to keep a straight story that several ambassadors are convinced he has some sort of personality disorder. everyone is pretty much hoping that Trump does indeed becomes a very hands off president, because at least his picks are able to be coherent for longer periods of time.

    Also TYT's are a bunch of tits I don't like them because they act so smug and arrogant.
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  2. Geressen

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    lol. will it have big holes in it so you don't extinct a bunch of species?
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    My entire point was about how people here treat me during Trump discussions. Your response is exhibit A.

    Regarding your comments, Lefties have been in power for 8 years. That is 8 years of massive bullying by the gvt against Righties. We could keep losing with "nice" politicians, or fight back with our own bully. Just enough MuriKans chose to stand up and go on the offensive. We are done being enslaved by "progressive" overlords. Donpool is still on the ascent, cause the lugenpresse ain't got a clue how to slay him.
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    Yeah I like secular talk a lot more

    imo he's much less biased and doesn't seem like he feels utterly superior to the people he talks about. Throws in a nice bit of comedy from time to time too. Solo production, nothing fancy. Good stuff.
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  5. DarkJello

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    Smart, insightful, funny and handsome. Pretty dang good combo. There are a fair # of small operations with high quality. Secular Talk is clearly in that group.
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    What Trump discussion

    You opened up with "trump says stuff and then other people bully him/trump supporters". Somehow implying that Trump isn't the biggest bully you have ever seen. The guy bullied everyone in every debate, trashed news reporters who don't agree with him, etc etc. Literally anything he doesn't like is straight bullied out.

    To then with a straight face say that you feel bullied by people who don't agree with Trump is straight comedy. "enslaved by progressive overlords". You have lost all grip of reality. The americans Democrats are a bunch of whimps who get nothing done. What are you even on about? Bullying by govt against the Right.

    You know what, I'll even give you the chance to explain. Just to humor you.

    Name 5 policies by the Obama Administration to bully the Right. Go on.
  7. Geressen

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    false. well... the american left I guess... which I still consider to be center-right.
    also Burn don't be a hothead. surely now would be the time to listen to eachothers greivances and concerns and to explain them?
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  8. DarkJello

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    Once again, I was talking about how "progressives" treat me personally during a discussion of Trump and politics.

    You keep changing it to Trump the bully--AKA Donpool--of all political enemies. El Donaldo stood up and effectively fought back against the power of a massive, corrupt and abusive gvt/media complex. I could care less how rude he is to that group of evil and degenerate scumbags. He overthrew them without violence, which is fantastic. But they were caught by Project Veritas bragging about effectiveness of violent protests and illegal activities--AKA riots and such. The MSM continues to lie and slander and shift and excuse all the evil of their preferred team, while incessantly exaggerating the evil done by the other side. Establishment repubs and establishment democrats and the media and the current gvt and Hollyweird and the vast majority of illegals opposed Trump, and he still became king President. Impressive feat of persuasion that.

    Here be five policies by Team Obama that stuck it to law-abiding citizens:

    1) O supported inefficient and HUGE welfare state. The current program buys lots of votes, and enslaves way too many people.
    2) O used the IRS to target conservatives.
    3) O used the Dept of Injustice to create more racial tension, which has led to surge in cop killings. BLM preaches hatred and violence.
    4) O loves illegal immigration. More votes for Dems. More excuses to steal tax. Lots of sanctuary cities remain unpunished from coast to coast.
    5) O loves political correctness, because it is such an effective way to shake peeps down for money and to bully good people into silence.

    Honorable mention: O bombed the shiz out of brown people his entire presidency. He then endorsed and stumped for the warmonger candidate in 2016.
  9. DarkJello

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    Murikans think most Europeans are extreme Left.

    Most Europeans think Murikans are extreme Right. (Murikans elected Trump, while "multiculturalists" voted for Clinton).

    Both are under full assault by the power hungry globalists. Both are fighting back. Time will tell if one, both or neither is successful in restoring a modicum of sanity.
  10. Geressen

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    1) what kind of bullshit is this? if the state takes care of you if you are ill it does not mean you must do as the party that made it so commands. slavery my ass. maybe it works differently in the US.
    2) Good.
    3) Is there a departement of injustice? that seems like a bad name for a departement.
    4) hahahahah I hope point 4 is a joke because hahahahhah XD
    5) what kind of crap is that? this does not sound like a policy.
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  11. BurnPyro

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    Yeah you are under such huge attack :rolleyes:

    honestly where can I find conservatives who aren't regurgitating propaganda

    @Ohmin translate this nonsense for me
  12. Ohmin

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    What I decided to sleep on before posting (I really like this forum's "save draft" functionality, I gotta say):

    Perhaps, but Republicans seem to be "winning" the polarized battlefield (for now), so it's probably strategically incorrect to further push that on the part of Democrats (for now)... or at least that's one way to look at it.


    What I came back to:

    (*sigh*... I'll think about it, right now however I'm not really feeling inclined to step into this further.)
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  13. DarkJello

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    You asked for a mere 5 examples, and I shared in spite of knowing you would be triggered.

    If I am a "conservative", then you are an "extreme Lefty." Where can I find an extreme Lefty that is NOT regurgitating propaganda?
  14. BurnPyro

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    See, you didn't even post legit policy. You posted random stuff that seemed to annoy you and then put that on the government. Spiced up with some tinfoil hat "but teh immuhgration fur votes derp" mixed in.

    Arguing with you is a pain because you don't argue in a logical way. You just post your stuff that's completely lacking in argumentation or logic, and then someone come back and go "hah yeah I knew you'd go and get upset, look hah, forseen it, tremendous".

    And we've been over this. I'm a centrist, you're an extremely far right.

    Seriously. Look at these 5 points. Look at them.

    In what world are these legit policies "designed to screw with Republicans". Literally NONE of these are policies or bills or actions taken. You just rambled off random stuff and then blamed the govt while playing the victim.
    I'll just requote this

    Name an actual policy. Than actually explain why that policy hurts Republicans specifically. You don't get to make outrageous claims only to follow them up with half assed posts and smug claims afterwards.

    Sincerely, I'd be interested to see some legit argumentation on this point. Am I convinced Obama is a saint? Hell no. He's doing loads of dumb Bane Shift, he's still sold out to corporate etc. Do I think he's a guy who's targetting half the population of the US specifically just because they don't share his ideology? Please.
  15. DarkJello

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    Typed a partial response, realized it was a waste of my time and decided to go play Magic: The Gathering at the LGS instead.

    Even when I provide dozens of links and vids and articles, you and many others here attack me instead of discussing the big picture. Best o' luck in Europe. Salaam.
  16. Geressen

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    "NO YOU! Im going! YOU ARE NOT MAKING ANY SENSE! and I am the bestest" - TrumpJello
  17. BurnPyro

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    You made outrageous claims about being a victim, instead of backing up those claims you "typed a partial response". Yeah, no idea why we are not taking this seriously. The burden of proof is on you on this one, but you seem perfectly happy to ***** about it without backing anything up.

    And what do you know, quick, throw in some more victim speech.


    edit, actually I'm being too kind even: you wanted to play the victim with no evidence to back it up, knew you couldn't back it up and now retreat cause you are unable to. Sad.
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  18. MaruXV

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    its always fun to hear that us democrats are called left wing. like they are lenin-inspired socialists... they are religion-inspired centrist party with a slight attention to social problems.
  19. BurnPyro

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    I thought Republicans were the religion inspired one?

    Anyway, if we're talking about actual dumb stuff the left is doing, what the Firk is Obama thinking placing more troops in Europe along the Russian border? Who the Firk convinced him that wasn't gonna escalate already rising tensions with Russia?
  20. MaruXV

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    Well, both of the major parties in US are religion-inspired. And thats not a good thing. The fact that the dems are a little more concerned about welfare doesnt mean they are a left wing party. So it sounds strange to me when they call the us dems "left". It sounds just, like, uncorrect.
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