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Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by vipoid, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. vipoid

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    I noticed that Gravewatcher was rated as one of the best support champs in FW at the moment.

    Can I ask how you use him? When do you play him to make best use of Gravetend?

    Also, what champions are good targets for Exhume?

    Finally, are there times when you shouldn't play him at all, as your opponent will gain a greater advantage from Gravetend than you will?
  2. Thbigchief

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    - Word on the street is Coragh is the prime target
  3. themacca

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    he's just a really efficient redeploy. in the case of coragh, after he dies he still leaves 2 bodies on the field leaving a lasting impact and then a strong champion is redeployed and has an even further impact. On top of that its 50 nora cheaper than deploying coragh again.
  4. kalasle

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    Deploy him immediately before or after the chosen Exhume target, and tag the champ. Leave the Gravewatcher hovering around the back lines just in case there is something for him to do (which there probably isn't).

    Sometimes Gravetend doesn't matter, but picking up a Hero with it can be a huge help. For instance, timing Gravewatcher just after the first Xulos death if you are running Statue means you can play Xulos again in a turn or two, and that means much better use of Statue.

    Expensive melee champions, and champions that have good on-death effects -- people have already mentioned Coragh, who has both. Other good targets include Death Caster (the second trigger of Soulsift almost entirely pays for the Gravewatcher), Mairdreth, and Obsidian Venger, or other champions similar to those. It can also be worth using on things like Mingflayer Queen that generate decent spawns.

    Yes, although they are very rare. If your opponent has key champions on CD and you are already engaged in a long-term attrition game, then consider holding back on Gravewatcher until you expect expect a less important opposing champion to get tagged. I had an example of this kind of scenario happen recently: I was playing against Ujelly's ST/UD deck, which aims to field the big UD Vothsair and back them up with ST support champs and spells. Getting those Vothsair off the board was difficult, and and most of his deck hinges on having these scary Arrow Eaters out to buff. It was more important for him to have no buff targets than it was for me to get marginally more value from my champions. Although I wasn't running Gravewatcher in my deck at the time, that would be a sort of situation where you should seriously consider deploying something else. But, like I said, it's rare in the current meta, and opposing-deck specific.

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