Triple Threat Third scenario

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by yuore, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. yuore

    yuore The King of Potatoes

    Impregnable shrine, .... that you cannot kill despite killing EVERYTHING else. The 3/3 mission for Triple Threat campaign... I did it three times, killing everything in sight, only to be confronted with a lonely impregnable shrine that I cannot harm. Spent an hour googling how to get past it with no luck.
  2. poxrooster

    poxrooster The Pox Chameleon

    Yeah, it's busted light everything in this game.
  3. Gray Fullbuster

    Gray Fullbuster New Member

    You just have to wait around the shrine for enemy heroes to be summoned and eventually you will get to the last one and when you kill it you win. I got frustrated at this as well after doing it a couple times but i saw people were completing it and just decided to keep killing champions as that is how it does say to win.
  4. RPGForever

    RPGForever Member

    Thank you for the answer, I was also trying to figure out what was happening and googling the topic I found this thread so I kept destroying enemy champions until a moment eventually the enemy shrine explodes and you win.

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