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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Axisunit, Nov 10, 2018.

  1. Axisunit

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    Hello to all the losers who still play this junk game
    First I want to say that I do not care a bit about your opinion about me, and I will be far from the forum and the game, I said goodbye with victory over one of the greatest players, but in the last reflection the greatest victory was actually having abandoned This horrible game.
    -No support
    -Full of Bugs
    -With players full of ego, false moralists
    -Totally Empty!!!, tibia At dawn have more players!

    I lost 2 years of my life in this useless game for false fun,
    I graduated in psychology, and when I see that this game was being dangerous, addictive by ego, I decided to leave now. But I know now the personality of players
    People who find themselves superior to others only because they win false strategic victories in an empty game, but where is the intelligence in keeping ego high with rank, victories and the vice show a big failure in education! no father or mother who educates his son would let his son become addicted to a game!
    And no sensible adult would spend hours of his day playing a little game for ego that does not teach anything productive!

    I only played one game a day, I made two friends who do not play anymore, and they are the best people in this game. In fact, really smart people are no longer in this game. Because the true strategy is actually to overcome the ego and not to play, not to attract to your life an end of life, and to lose hours hours per day. Hours you could be doing something more useful ...
    I've seen a game of one player last for almost two hours !!! This is crazy, even a one hour match time is crazy!

    the ideal would be that the game was limited to a maximum of 30 minutes and either that tie or that the victory was given to the player who "scored the most" in the match, ie who else took the field for example, but it is a game that does not cares about the mental health of its players.

    Cherish your time!
    Pox was a good game, unfortunately several factors do not compensate more play

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  2. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

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  3. Gnomes

    Gnomes Forum Royalty

    ya you tell em! Fight the power. They can't hold you down.
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  4. profhulk

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    Congratulations on graduating with a degree in psychology. May you add value to our society and economy with your knowledge of the human mind. There is such a demand for psychologists in our modern market today. We can expect great things from you as a school counselor informing young minds of the evils of indie internet games such as Poxnora?
  5. poxrooster

    poxrooster The Pox Chameleon

    That was helpful . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . n't.
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  6. Markus422

    Markus422 I need me some PIE!

    Yeah for sure man. You seem like the most well adjusted human I've ever encountered :^)
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  7. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    Remind me to never have you "counsel" me for anything...
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  8. Karmavore


    He discovered our dark secrets!
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  9. Karmavore


  10. PoxBot

    PoxBot The King of Potatoes

    I'm making 800k a year since I quit pox. Tru story. It's best that we all quit so we can become successful professionals like this lad here.
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  11. Karmavore


    Can I haz ur moneyz
  12. Baskitkase

    Baskitkase Forum Royalty

    Did ur degree in psychology help you with ur mad?
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  13. PoxBot

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    Don't you have everything KF already?
  14. Karmavore


    No like share your $$$, rich boi. I suk ur Magma Bunny
  15. Karmavore


    d I k is apparently magma bunny
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  16. PoxBot

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    What are you missing?
  17. Baskitkase

    Baskitkase Forum Royalty

    Certainly not Magma Bunny, he seems to get plenty of that. He is KF after all.
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  18. RedCourage

    RedCourage The King of Potatoes

    kbainao angry person!
  19. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Another time we can all agree on something, dudes nuts and will make for a horrifying psychologist.

    Regardless sir I wish you luck
  20. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY King of Jesters

    I love these forums. I'm gonna miss stuff like this.

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