This game is a lost cause....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xxLordQxx, Feb 11, 2020.

  1. themacca

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  2. nepyonisdead

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    Its been 3.5 years or so, leave the game where it the past.
  3. profhulk

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    I will continue playing. the game is still here. I like it.
  4. chickenpox2

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    Seriously still no updates it been half a year, a hi things are still going on or something would be nice
  5. calisk

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    Sorry chicken, count yourself lucky the game is still here I guess.

    The game is marked, every day that passes is one day closer to when it shuts down.

    To those that are left they are lucky in a way, no other game in pox's position has lasted, they've all to my knowledge been shut down, so the only credit I can give pox is it's sheer tenacity in the face of oblivion, but don't confuse that for hope as pox has none.

    Even if the devs come back with something 2 years from now, I expect it won't have anythingto do with pox as we know it, just some zombie shrouded in the skin of the pox we know.
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  6. aseryen

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    Considering we only need to pay for server costs year to year...

    This is the most stable Poxnora has ever been.

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