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Discussion in 'K'Thir Forest' started by thered, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. thered

    thered The King of Potatoes

    Hey guys, I have a decent amount of the LE KF runes but not all. I am going to list the ones I don't have. If you have any of them and are willing to trade either send me a message on the site or contact me in game. Thanks guys!

    the second angel of restoration in the checklist
    Ash the Bandit Prince
    Bliss the Muse
    Elven Prodigy
    Grimlic of K'thir
    Christmas Menalaus
    Pox Harbinger
    Royal Condor Fury
    Rudolph the Chosen
    Tremir Craghide
    Warcaller Fiorn


    K'thir Giving Tree

    Obviously I know Bliss the Muse and Warcaller Fiorn have not been released yet but I just included them because they are on the list. Please let me know if any of you are willing to trade. I got lots of stuff to trade away, all you have to do is ask.

    Again, thanks guys and happy poxing
  2. Cinder405

    Cinder405 I need me some PIE!

    I need

    Ash the Bandit Prince
    Pox Harbinger
    Royal Condor Fury
    Tremir Craghide

    If thered lowballs let me know. ;)
  3. thered

    thered The King of Potatoes

    You are such a but hole :p
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  4. Cinder405

    Cinder405 I need me some PIE!

    Hahahaha sorry man. You set yourself up so I had to take advantage bro.

    But for reals... I just need those few LEs
  5. Karmavore


    Contact me bud.
  6. poxrooster

    poxrooster The Pox Chameleon

    Do you have a Grimthir for sale?
  7. Karmavore


    Contact me.

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