The Poxnora Spotlight: Markoth

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    I am continuing with the tradition started by @BansheeX.

    This week's interview is with @Markoth. His responses are in white. He has stepped away to grab breakfast, but will be responding to the thread in an hour or so. Feel free to ask any questions of him that I didn't.

    What is your name or nick name in real life?

    What is the origin of your game/forum name(s)?
    Markoth is actually my second account that was made for Poxnora. When I first discovered the game in late-2006 / early-2007, I had a different name that has been lost in the ages. By the time I felt I had a grasp of the mechanics and gameplay my record was somewhere in the region of 20W-300L. I decided to start again and in mid 2007, Markoth was born. Marko was a character in a book I was reading at the time so it was the first thing that came to mind and it has since stuck.

    Where are you from and where do you live currently?
    Born in Texas, raised all over the USA. I have been to 38 of the 50 states and lived in 7 of them. My family moved all the time when I was growing up. I have had almost 30 addresses in my life and considering that my family wasn't in the military or witness protection that is a lot. About 10 yeas ago I moved to Georgia (Second time, different part) and it was where I started working, went to school and met my beautiful wife. The place I have come to call home is about an hour north of Atlanta and I don't plan on going anywhere any time soon.

    What do you do for a living, and do you enjoy it?
    Restaurant General Manager - I don't love what I do, (I do like it, it just gets monotonous sometimes) but I do love my 35 employees (Except you Hobbes). They are the reason I keep moving forward and they make me proud. I have been working for the same company for 8 years and will likely be there for a good deal longer. The pay is decent and it looks good on a resume for someone my age.

    How old are you?

    How did you come across Pox Nora?
    Back in 2007 all I had was a Macbook Pro for a computer (WHY WOULD MY PARENTS DO THIS TO ME PURPLETOP?WHY? ;) ) and there were not many games that worked on macs. I googled "free to play games on mac" and found Poxnora somehow along the way.

    How long have you played?
    7 years. Likely almost 8 by now.

    What is your favorite faction and why?

    (Just Kidding, Stupid Drakkies :p)

    IS easily. I love the diversity in IS's themes while retaining the "Defenders of all that is good and holy feel." We have dwarves, humans, stone Spartans, robot dogs, rock trolls and even freaking angels.

    Your signature states you are Grand Inquisitor of Isisop, and often state in the forums ISisOP. What is it about IS that made you start posting that?
    It's kind of a really old joke. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away IS was not as popular as it is today. It was considered by many to be weak and unviable in the upper levels of play. Several IS players constantly took to the forums to complain about how under-powered IS was. I was the only player in the top 25 (almost 50 but there was someone else at like 47 or something) that was running pure IS (Splits were still OP back then). Several people asked me what my secret was and I would answer simply "IS is OP". Much to the chagrin of some of the IS zealots it caught on and soon IS is OP became the defacto answer to any question even vaguely related to the viability of IS. Over time it reached pseudo-meme status and I began referring to the spread of IS is OP as the Inquisition. A few expansions later the Ironfist Inquisitor was released (Pretty sure it was coincidence and not a reference, who knows :shrug: ) and the Inquisition became an official movement within IS. I later designed the Inquisition ability and jokingly self-declared myself the Grand Inquisitor of IS is OP.

    Are there any particular players from back in the day that you would like to see return? Anyone that you felt was the embodiment of the faction, the way some players view you now?
    There are way too many to name. If I could only pick one though it would likely be GreatBeard. I wouldn't exactly call him my inspiration, but he was one of the top IS players back when I was still learning the ropes and I used to enjoy watching him play.

    You are the IS council member. What can you share with us about how the council functions?
    Believe it or not we do not use darts as any part of the balance process. The council has evolved a bit over the past few months to serve different purposes and I feel that the best way to describe the process is with the use of a metaphor.
    At first we began with a chunk of roughly hewn stone (Pre-revamp Pox). The first couple months of the current councils "reign of terror" was spent using axes and hammers to carve the game into the rough shape that it was meant to look like (We spent months going through 1000s of abilities to help set up the framework for the costing algorithm and ability costs. We also discussed racials and what the devs wanted themes to be). The revamp and subsequent re-costing patch were all a part of this process. Next we moved on to what I think of as "phase 2" and pulled out the chisels to begin adding details and get the game looking more like something rather than rough stone (The patch on July 24th was the very first patch of this part). Along this whole process the council's purpose has been to make marks on the stone to suggest where cuts are made, but DoG (The artist) makes the final decisions of whether our ideas are good or not. I believe (And this is just my opinion and not anything that has been expressed by DoG) that DoG intends to have small patches more often for a while until some semblance of balance is attained. They would much rather make many small cuts than knocking out a chuck they cannot easily put back again.

    Your response is what I've tried to explain before too. I think of it like a bungee cord. If you drop off a bridge with a bungee cord, you'll get really low (over nerfed), bounce back up (over buffed), and the process continues repeatedly until you finally reach equilibrium (balanced). While you get to the right place eventually, the trip is very unsettling. The alternative is more akin to repelling. You start with a slow descent, stopping periodically to see if you've reached your desired point. Sure, it means more time above (over powered), but it is a smoother transition.

    I think the community would be less critical of the revamp if they had known that the patches are going to be more frequent with smaller changes prior to last week. Do you feel there is anything that the council or DoG can do to communicate better with the community to diffuse the tension? I've seen your thread in the IS forum, and I believe that is an excellent start.

    I would urge council members, both current and those that will be involved in the future, to be more transparent. Ultimately the council should be used to represent the community and not try to lead it. Let your faction know what your thoughts are and get feedback at the same time. No one knows everything, and collective opinion will typically outweigh bias (unless you play ST :p ). There will always be certain things that the council must keep secret, but don't be a hermit.

    Favorite part of Pox Nora and why?
    Everything. The music, the gameplay, the art are all awesome. The community is even better.

    What is the first rune you remember seeing and immediately wanting to have one?
    IS Harbinger

    Did you ever get one?
    I now have two. Got the first when they first went on resale way back when for $30 (They sold for $500+ at the time) and got the second a few years later when they had those packs that contained LEs).

    What is your best tip to give to new players?
    Keep your chin up and your mind open. The game is easy to learn but damned near impossible to master. After every game, win or lose, take a minute to think back over the game. Identify your mistakes. If you lost, ask yourself "What could I have done to win?" If you win, ask yourself "What could I have done to keep X unit alive?" or "What could I have done to win faster"? It is exceedingly rare for there to be a game that was un-winnable from the start. If you lose I guarantee it isn't because your opponent has better runes.

    Is there a rune that you feel isn't utilized as much as it could be?
    Glorious Charge

    What about Glorious Charge makes it so useful?
    IS tends (big emphasis on tends these days) to be melee heavy. Safely initiating with the opponent can be difficult and once in a fight it can be hard to move your units around. GC gives global Mobility and Charge 3 which solves both issues.

    Besides Poxnora, do you have any additional hobbies?
    I read more than is likely healthy for me. My living room is a library with one or two thousand books. I read anything but mainly enjoy SciFi, Fantasy and Military History.

    Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share with the community?
    I played soccer for 17 years. I was offered scholarships at several colleges to play but none of the schools that were interested had programs in any of the subjects I was interested in studying. I turned them down and now relive my glory days on FIFA... Also my wife and I are expecting our first child (Little Girl) in about 3 months.

    Congrats, hopefully the new addition won't take up too much of your Pox time. I know my first one didn't, but as I type this, number two is asleep on my lap.
    Thanks, give it a few years and she will likely be better than I am at Pox.

    Markoth and his wife:
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    <3 Markoth. Well written. Keep up the good work!
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    Oh, and your macbook makes me flustered
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    The formatting was accidentally genius.
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    Whatever, Lain
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    Hehe. Lain is indeed my middle name and the one I normally answer to. I have just gotten in the habit of using my first name in response to questions since it's on all my paperwork.

    Also recent (yesterday) picture for those interested here:
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    Excellent spotlight with some great insight into the council workings. :D
    Great read, keep it up!
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    The deception, the betrayal.

    Guess that's to be expected from a dorf
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    You heard it! SL is his favorite!
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    Edited for truth. Marko puts on a fine show, but we in NWO have seen the real Marko and BELIEVE!
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    While retaining 84 Nora and physical attack.

    G.G. Laughed in public and had to awkwardly explain why I was laughing.
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    Thanks to @BansheeX for giving me the spotlight banner.
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    They have paladins too >.>
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    Markoth is truly a boss. Respect. Congrats on Fam success. +7
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    @Senshu we know you don't want to go full SOE, but just perma this guy, honestly. Adds nothing of value and brings down these forums
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