The Poxnora Spotlight: IMAGIRL

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    I am continuing with the tradition started by @BansheeX, and after long last I am resuming it.

    This week's interview is with @IMAGIRL. The responses are in white. Feel free to ask any questions that I didn't.

    What is your name or nick name in real life?

    What is the origin of your game/forum name(s):
    Been around for a while, it has changed 4, yeah I think 4 times. I got a bit tired of my former username, and couldn't think of a good one to change it to. One day while I was in the shower I had a thought. I remembered an old saying that all internet users are - guys in real life - unless proven otherwise. That's how IMAGIRL came about.

    I've heard that saying, but are you a female joking that you're a guy in real life, or are you actually male and the name is ironic?
    I will leave that for you to decide. ;)

    Where are you from and where do you live currently?
    From Oklahoma, USA. It's also where I currently reside.

    What do you do for a living, and do you enjoy it?
    I don't do anything for a living. I have a rather extensive social anxiety issues. Add to the fact that I don't sleep for 2-3 days at a time, then drop for 24hrs. It makes employment options all but non-existent. So I spend most of my time on the internet. Tis weird, but my social anxiety doesn't kick in when I just hear a voice. Funny enough, I was playing with a friend of mine, and she suggested we move from Teamspeak to Skype to chat with her friends, I got real quiet. She started to pm me, and ask why. (She knew about my anxiety issues, I think it still surprises her about the extent though.)

    I ended up having to explain that in Teamspeak, only the loudest user can be heard, even when a group is talking. It is pretty much still a one-on-one conversation. Where as in Skype, it is more like when you put someone on "speaker" when you are talking to them on the phone. You can hear anything, and everything at once. The voices were a bit overwhelming. It was why I got so quiet all the sudden.

    How old are you?
    20, give it 2 months an I'll be 21 though.

    How did you come across Pox Nora?
    Honestly don't remember.

    How long have you played?
    Joined anonymously a few days after the ST expansion, and have been playing ever since. ~9 yrs I think?

    What is your favorite faction and why?
    Now this is a hard question to answer. As of the current I play all factions. I lean towards UD for their surprisingly adept utility.

    Favorite part of Pox Nora and why?
    I like the art, and gameplay, but I think my favorite would have to be the community. We joke, and jest sometimes at anothers expense, but we take care of our own. I think the only community member that I have ever actually disliked was Thidran.

    You're currently a forum mod. Lately there have been some complaints about moderation being done unnecessarily. How do you decide what needs to be moderated?
    Anything that gets moderated by me is dictated by the Code of Conduct, Issues do happen. I recognize that just because I perceive something to break the CoC does not mean everyone does. I have removed many a thread, or post that I personally had no qualms with but felt that it broke the CoC.

    One example that I might give was that someone posted a picture of Beelzebub from the Beelzebub anime. Having seen the anime, the picture didn't even phase me. It wasn't until someone mentioned "Is this legal?" that it prompted me to look at it again. I... then remembered that Beelzebub is the future Demon King, and currently is a baby. A baby that refuses to wear pants, and has his ***** hanging about. Even though it was an anime, and I had no qualms about it. I have to be aware that isn't just adult males that browse the forums. I removed it, and the Original Poster replaced with with another picture of Beelzebub without his lower extremities, and we moved on.

    However; that is the exact reason we do not delete the posts, and threads we remove. They are simply removed. There have been times (rarely) where a thread or post was moved back. Either due to a poster explaining the context of their post, or due to a "why was this removed" discussion amongst us and Senshu.

    Do you ever get requests to lock threads via private message?
    Actually I do thought it's rare. Almost all of them are the thread owner requesting that their thread be removed either to excessive trolling, or for it having fulfilled its purpose. If it is the former I try to clean up the thread, and see if they would like it to continue in it's "new" format, or remove it as they had originally wished.

    Is there any compensation for being a moderator, or is the time you provide completely voluntary?
    There is no compensation for being a moderator, and the time we provide is completely voluntary. We don't have set schedules between the 4 of us.

    What is the first rune you remember seeing and immediately wanting to have one?

    Is there a rune you don't have currently that you really want?
    No, but this question deserves a little bit of an extra explanation. At one point I had so many bgs that it became an issue to scroll. So I now limit myself in what I play.

    2 Races, 1 Theme, per faction + Maljara themes. 28 Bgs in total at any given time. I have what I need to get any rune I want my hands on. When shards became a thing, I had ~65k shards. I can honestly say that I would have had double if not triple that, but there was this time with a guy named Thidran....

    You mentioned Thidran earlier. I take it he scammed you?
    No, god no. He was nothing short of an honest trader whom I respected. The problem was he usually didn't do a trade unless it was a 2:1 ratio. You could be quite sure that if you needed a rune fast, he would have it. I would search for days for a rune until I gave up, and turned to Thidran who always had what I needed. It just cost me an arm, and a leg to get it. Thidran has since moved on from Poxnora. I like to imagine that he is running some countries financials right now.

    Besides the Caveat emptor warning thread, do you have any other advice for new players that are trading?
    Unless your playing with friends, expect to offer more than a rune is worth. Poxbox is a good way to find what you need, but you might have more luck using their stock prices as a bartering point for a trade with another player. It may take a bit, but you can usually find someone to do a 1:1 trade. Sometimes you might even come out ahead. In general though it's better for you to not look for a rune you need, but find people who are looking for runes they need. Then you can ask for the rune you need to be apart of the offer. That way you gain what you want, and something a little extra. Always try to be the seller.

    What is your best tip to give to new players?
    Not one, but three come to mind.
    1. Learning how to position your champions will win games more often than any spell you play. Correct positioning comes with knowledge on the game, and it's mechanics. You will learn this overtime as you get used to what each faction does. It is something that is learned easily, but there is a vast amount of learning to do. Remembering is the hard part.
    2. Spells. I see many a new player using a 45 nora spell, when they are down 3 champs to 5. Spells are powerful, powerful things, and can often turn the tide of any game, but knowing when to use them is hard. When in doubt, saving nora for a deploy is often far better than tossing down a spell. More champs, mean more possibilities. Again, this comes in time.
    3. Don't be discouraged. Just have fun.
    Is there a rune that you feel isn't utilized as much as it could be?
    There are many, but I think one of my favorite hidden gems is Blood Exchange.

    I had to look that one up. Does it allow you to exceed maximum HP? Looks like a good way to bring Sheoul Magus back after a Masochism.
    It doesn't allow you to exceed max HP, but it is helpful. In this game one rounding a champ is pretty standard. After all most champs with 1 HP, still deal the same damage as they would with full hp. So it is better to just kill it. UD has quite a few units that need to be taken down. If by any means one of them survives. I can all but guarantee it's safety, and apply extra pressure.

    It also has the extra benefit of making Retribution, and Sacrifice far more tactical in your placement.

    Retribution's dmg is based off nora cost, and not health. So for 70 nora. I have the potential to properly position the ally champ to heal one of my key champs to full, and kill off one of theirs.

    Sacrifice. What can I say? Would you rather sac a key champ for +40 nora, or heal that champ to full first, and sace a lesser champ for +15 nora.

    It probably sees play every 3.5 games out of 10, but it almost always catches them off guard, and changes the tempo of the match in my favor.

    It may be a niche rune, but I love it.

    Besides Poxnora, do you have any additional hobbies?
    More gaming, reading, and anime.

    Started any games lately?
    Actually, yeah. Just a few days back I started up an old favorite of mine. Titan Quest. I may be romanticizing it a bit, but it is still one of if not my favorite game of all time. Titan Quest was the launch title of THQ. When THQ went under in '12-'13 the rights were bought by Nordic Games. However; a good portion (~80%) of the main crew from Titans Quest, went on to form Crate Entertainment. Grim Dawn is their launch title, being hailed as the "spiritual successor to Titans Quest" and I am inclined to agree. It has a much darker tone set in a different timeline with less emphasis on mythology, but it still has that same TQ feel. Even the UI, and Mechanics are the same. I am stoked!

    What are you reading currently?

    Nothing atm.

    What Anime are you currently watching?
    Difficult to say. I am a binge watcher. I dislike watching anime that is currently airing, or has a chance for a sequel. Suffice to say I have an extensive backlog. When I sit down for an anime. I usually don't get up until I have finished it.

    Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share with the community?
    I believe I have already mentioned here that I have a mild insomnia issue, and am Anti Social. In addition I'm also Bi, Bluntly Honestly, I tend to shy away from confrontation, and I have a habit of capitalizing letters to emphasis words.
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    Second, ty IMAGIRL for opening up!
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    ST expansion was 8 years ago, not 9. You're exactly as old as I am... In Pox.
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    Great interview.
    Props to you imagirl.

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    This was a pretty neat interview, I enjoyed learning all about IMAGIRL after playing pox off and on with (you)/him for the last 8(ish) years, or whenever the heck I started playing.
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