The Pox Nora Spotlight. This week with: GabrielQ

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    This (tomorrows) weeks Spotlight is a little early. I will not be able to come online tomorrow to post this and I will therefor post it one day premature. Sorry about that.

    Gabriel is pretty vocal on the forum and I am sure most of you have seen one of his posts. He is allso very helpfull in asnwering new players questions and come with input on BG´s. He is also one of the old school Tortun players.

    Here is his answers to the questions :)

    My name is Gabriel, and the Q is the first letter of my surname, I decided to keep it simple.

    Where do you come from, how old are you and what is your occupation:
    I live in Argentina and I'm a science student, geophysics more specifically and I'm 22.

    How did you come across Pox Nora:
    I came across Pox Nora searching specifically for tactical rpg's, that I started to play in emulated consoles and I found that were the best genre for me, I came across Pox Nora early, when it wasn't still truly f2p, I remember winning a couple matches in old TG with super low HP shrine settings and rushing with moga slinger, but I left it after a short time, I was too young to appreciate it and my english wasn't enough to understand still, I don't even remember that first account. Later, when I started with this one, in 2011, I was mature enough and started to play seriously and, in fact, Pox Nora is the first multiplayer game I've played seriously, with the intention of winning and becoming better. When I started I enjoyed a lot trading in the bazaar, I learnt to trade before I learnt to play, so I spent more time in the bazaar than in games around these days, until I decided to pick up a theme, and I came across a c/uc tortun trade and I choosed them, the decision wasn't a easy one, as trading for tortun rares was extremely hard, and tortuns had a different pace that the rest of the game. Jazzman's guide helped a lot, and so did many of the people that shared bgs, so I learn to play and build bg, and started to rise in ranks, always with tortuns. After that first decision, I could never let tortuns go, and I'm happy of what I have achieved with them, even if that hindered my image in front of the topmost players.

    What is your favourite part of Pox Nora:
    My favourite part of Pox Nora is BG building, how the runes interact between them is wonderful and complex webs of synergy can be stablished, I feel real satisfaction when I see or play a well tuned battlegroup, with fluid synergies that go many levels, that kind of complexity and how players manage it are really interesting to me.

    What is your best advice to new players:
    My advice for new player is that they have to endure at first, when everything goes wrong, you must persevere if you want to learn to love this game and see through the outer layer of the game, and deep into his core. Don't pay attention to the wrong people and focus on enjoying your time.

    Any other hobbies:
    In my free time I like to play paddle (that is a better version of tennis)

    Thank you to Gabriel for participating.
    Link to the Archive of former Spotlights and requestlist:
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Is your surname "Quijote de la Mancha", by chance? (Yes, I know I was fast and loose with the name).

    Don Gabriel Quijote de la Mancha. Short and sweet. Nice! ;)

    Off topic:

    How did Argentina get such a nice draw in the World Cup? (Compared to Mexico and USA). I am disappoint.

    Goooooooooo Yanquis!!!

  4. Markoth

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    Any draw is a good draw for Argentina... Sorry, huge Argentina soccer fan.
  5. DarkJello

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    Tru dat. And yet some groups are OP while others are underwhelming at first blush. They gots to play, so we shall see.

    Argentina has my respect. I will cheer for them and Spain as well. But gots to rep my regional teams, USA and Mexico.
  6. GabrielQ

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    In fact I would have preferred a tougher group, because it will be all a goal fest untill a good equip comes, and the last time this happened the impact was as subtle as a brick to the face (1-4 against gemany in south africa).

    My favourite soccer player is J. R. Riquelme (not in the national team) share yours!
  7. Boozha

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    Go Argentinia! Greetings from Germany :p
  8. Markoth

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    I played for 17 years and Messi was (Still kinda is. Just don't play as much as I watch these days.) my idol. I used to practice footwork and odd shot angles for hours on end just to try and play like him.
  9. Pedeguerra

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    Somebody said "World Cup"?
    Don't think I should join this topic hehe.
  10. XFurionsX

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    This guy (Gabriel) should be named mod or get some Owl candy, he works hard to make guides and help new players.
    Favorite Argentinian player would be Angelito Di Maria.
  11. Ballballer

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    Is soccer a sport?
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  12. XFurionsX

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    And one of the oldest one.
  13. DarkJello

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    A sport? Not at all. It is THE sport!!

  14. Xirone

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    I've always appreciated GabrielQ's additions to the forums. It's nice to know more!
  15. Ballballer

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    Im guessing the guy in red fell over, grabbed his leg, and got a penalty called?
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    I've learned a lot from GabrielQ's posts. The only person I've learned more from is the theNidhogg. But the best thing about both of them is that they seem very friendly on the forums. I appreciate it and, as someone that is/was relatively new, I thank both of them.
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  18. DarkJello

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    ^^In what way does "ballet on a soft surface" compare to futbol??? ;)

    I respect martial arts action, especially MMA. Go octagon!!


    Google the following, but only if you can handle a bit more hardcore pic and story:

    "The image of blood-sodden Stefan Struve running around the Octagon screaming in celebration on Saturday night has to be one of the most memorable images in ..."
  19. Boozha

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    Y'all childish. Real men don't like sports.
  20. JaceDragon

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    MMA is not a sport.

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