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    Note: This thread is a re-creation and revision of the old Necronomicon, which, although a great thread of its time, has become woefully out of date. IF ANYONE WANTS TO PROVIDE BLURBS OR PARTICULAR INFORMATION FOR A THEME, MESSAGE ME.

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    Forsaken Wastes Faction Bonus
    The full-faction FW bonus provides 60% cooldown reduction. There is some rounding involved, and so this chart from ages past should help:

    Nora : Turns
    1-24 : 1
    25-39 : 2
    40-49 : 3
    50-64 : 4
    65-74 : 5
    75-89 : 6
    90-99 : 7
    100-114 : 8
    115-124 : 9
    125-134 : 10

    Forsaken Wastes Deck Types

    Here is a brief description of the mechanical and race/class themes in FW. Plenty of these decks play some version of attrition, although not all.

    Race/Class Themes:


    Skeletons are a summons- and synergy-heavy deck that aims to field a couple powerful champs surrounded by little boosted undead. They have some powerful tools for a long game, such as damage boosting through Surge and Bone Altar. Likewise, they field a lot of HP, all of which has decent mobility. Skeletons can surround enemies with undead soldiers, and if those don't pick the good guys apart, then a big Tomb Lord will. Skeletons generate the most summons on their own of any FW theme. As a result, however, they are vulnerable to anti-summons things like Shatter Summoned and the Ritual abilities. Their ranged champions are also flimsy and often lack healing. A solid deck that expresses FW's identity without being too strange.
    Here is a link to the current thread: ___​


    Zombies trade off a lot of things -- high damage, good ranged champions, mobility -- to be explosive and durable. Opponents can pick zombies off at range and run circles around them ... but once a Zombies player gets in and starts to Swarm, the game can swing quickly in their favor. If they get rolling, the raw HP that zombies produce can be too much for any deck to handle. Their eccentric nature leaves them open to getting rushed and outmaneuvered, however, and they are especially vulnerable to Ritual anti-summons. Zombies want to overwhelm their opponent; when they succeed, they are oppressive and terrifying, and when they don't they are target practice.
    Here is a link to the current thread on Zombies: ___​


    Liches are a stupid themed deck that shouldn't exist but do because of the Pox community's obsession with racial themes. Liches are a highly conventional deck, except for their key support champion: Dark Apprentice. They can be a bit slow to get going, but once they have an Apprentice out and can field four or five other liches, they become incredibly durable and hard to kill, even the ranged champions. They also feature phylacteries. Although the relics are paper-thin and inconsistent as a respawn mechanic, they can generate whole 70+ nora champions, allowing for incredible tempo and value swings in the mid-game. Other than that they are boring and stupid.
    Here is a link to the current thread: ___​


    Spirits can take many forms, from the more recent Surge-focused builds to the older stealth-and-spells variants. Each deck has its strengths and weaknesses: the Surge deck packs much more raw power by super-charging runes like Lich Magistrate and Whisperes of the Veil with spirits from Arroyo Portal, but it will suffer if the opponent has some way to wipe out the spirit reserves; conversely, the stealth/ethereal version has little dependent synergy, but fields few stats and depends on finesse and indirect damage mitigation to get by, leaving it susceptible versatile opponents that can pick apart its variety of defenses.
    Here is a link to the current thread: ___​


    Worms break the rules of Pox, and are therefore one of the most unconventional decks in Pox. Their central ability, Necrosis, lets them expand their shrine deployment zone beyond its normal bounds. A theme of weird and awkward champions, individual worms champions often lose one-on-one engagements, and they have limited ranged options, but their deployment zone tools allow them to be a uniquely oppressive deck once they get built up. Powerful but unorthodox, I don't recommend worms to new players.
    Here is a link to the current thread on Worms:


    Witches are the most conventional theme in FW -- they play the most like other factions. [WIP]


    At present, Vampyres have Blood Crest and a lot of bad runes. In theory, they could be hard-to-kill beaters, a theme of duelists that excel at self-healing and preventing themselves from dying. In practice, a Vampyre deck plays a lot of expensive melee champions that get one-rounded. Not an especially powerful theme.
    Here is a link to the current thread: ___

    Mechanical/Rune Decks:

    Chopping Blocks

    A running theme in the race-less theme decks is that they are built around, and named for, one rune. The first of these are Chopping Blocks decks, which aim to manage every champion's life total to leverage the direct, destructive effect of the namesake rune: taking 5 life from the lowest-life champion on the field. Chopping Blocks decks are lethal -- sometimes for friendly champions. Finicky to play, Blocks decks usually field few champions and play aggressive spells to make sure that it's always the opponent under the ax. Although superficially unconstrained, Chopping Blocks decks depend upon fine tuning, and are perhaps the most punishing deck to build wrong.
    Here is a link to the current thread: ___​

    Essence Devourer

    Though not as completely defined as other decks, Essence Devourer (Ed) decks feature Essence Devourer (and its food) as the core of the deck. These decks aim to get the setup in place, and then take advantage of being able to repeatedly play the most efficient champion in the game -- a 50 nora titan that must eat a friendly champion every other round. The rest of the deck is very flexible, but generally seeks to complement the central Devourers. As a note, because of how Essence Devourer interacts with Chopping Blocks, the decks are almost impossible to mix well.
    Here is a link to the current thread: ___​


    Dread decks play a lot of Dread champions. That's about it. They easily frustrate some opponents, but have a glaring weakness to indirect or flat damage, and feature little ranged damage themselves. Dread will oppress and control some decks, and then evaporate against others. It doesn't help that Dread is an expensive ability often on expensive champions. Generally, Dread decks try to keep their champions together and fight on one front to maximize their overlapping debuffs, and may feature some other tools like Hex or Sacrificial Dagger to ensure that the Dread champions remain alive. The deck can also fold if it starts to lose Dread champions -- Dread rarely recovers from a loss of tempo.
    Here is a link to the current thread: ___​

    Foul Rite

    Often a variant of Witches, Foul Rite gives up on the undead Witch options and runs Graveyards to charge up Foul Rite -- a spell that sacrifices all friendly undead to give large stat buffs to friendly human champions. These decks can create some of the most powerful armies in the game, but are vulnerable to individual champion removal, getting rushed, and globs of summons.
    Here is a link to the current thread: ___​
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    Themacca's FW summons guide; it gives complete information on every summoned champion possible from FW runes -- especially useful for those playing Skeletons or Zombies, given their wide variety of similar summons:

    The Old Necronomicon; the original version of this thread, now heavily outdated, may be useful for those who want some history or are just curious:
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    Suggestions, input, and comment encouraged. This will eventually become the one stickied thread in the FW forums, and will contain links to all of the other relevant threads. If anyone wants to make proper subject threads for themes that do not currently have them, that would be great.

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