Terrorist Attacks in Belgium: Europe United?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by DarkJello, Mar 18, 2016.

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    is this assault on a hideout and arrest connected/a result to the hideout shootout where they captured a guy (and two may have escaped) a few days ago?

    I notice how Belgium being a breeding ground for extremism gets mad props now that they actually did something.
    however all the other countries that actually stop terrorism before Paris gets shot up get no respect :/

    I guess it is true; the well is filled, only after the sheep has drowned.
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    1). Yes

    2). You are criticizing Belgium in r/t terrorism? Enlighten please.

    3). Drowning sheep is cruel. Also, I prefer my water mucho clean.
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    Because there is a diffirence between shitting the bed and changing the sheets and going to the toilet to take a Bane Shift there.

    It is a saying that means that no measures are taken untill it is too late; the sheep has fallen down the well and drowned and now people decide to fill the well.

    like killing two birds with one stone, killing birds is cruell but if you are hunting birds by hurling rocks at them then hitting multiple targets in 1 shot is pretty effective.
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    Yeah them coppers got eem. Incredible how he went back to the same city where they were all hiding at the start, it's like it never occurred to them that that place was on top of every blacklist now. Or perhaps they were arrogant enough to think they weren't gonna get caught. Either way, sayonara
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    March 18, 2016


    Belgian-born Abaaoud has been identified as the architect of the Paris attacks and is believed to have been among the squad of gunmen who attacked bars and restaurants that night.

    He was also suspected of involvement in several thwarted attacks this year, including an attempted attack on a high-speed train from Belgium to Paris when three Americans tackled a heavily armed man and one on a church in the Parisian suburb of Villejuif. His ties to many of the attackers date to his days in the Moleenbeek neighborhood of Brussels where he grew up. He bragged that he was able to slip in and out of Europe undetected.

    Abaaoud died during a Nov. 18 police raid on an apartment near the Stade de France.


    Grew up in Brussels? Worrisome.
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    Brussels is very complex. It really depends on where you live. A lot of smaller cities around it are part of "Brussels" the conglomerate city, while there is a "Brussels" on it's own as well. It's mostly the smaller cities that are worrisome.

    Molenbeek is such a mess because they knew 20 years ago that it was getting shitty, but the mayor is a major prick and a Firking tool who knew and did nothing. He's part of the most established party in Brussels/Walloon and basically said Firk it nobody can touch me anyway. He now kind of admitted that he could have done more. Well, yeah, no Bane Shift. So yeah, it's a mess.
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    I was only pointing out that the dude was radicalized in spite of goodies from the gvt.

    That can happen anywhere, due to tech, but one likes to think the West should be safer.

    Free ed and free goodies and free healthcare and.. He still chose helter skelter.
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    DJ in spite of no proof to back up his allegations decides to plug in his libertarian agenda.

    DJ has Free will, freedom of speech and a comfortable income, and he still decided to be an *******.

    what exactly is your argument here DJ?
    "becauese some guy didn't find a purpose or camraderie in life and in his alienation became a religious nutter nobody who lacks the financial means deserves to be healed when they get sick"
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    What we need to ask is, does access to welfare reduce the risk of radicalization?

    Unfortunately, whether or not this specific individual was radicalized despite access to welfare doesn't really tell us anything. It's a single datapoint for a complex question.
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    I honestly don't know why u are attacking me.

    Belgium almost certainly treated these terrorists well, and they still responded with terror.

    When have I ever advocated against helping people that need a hand up? Bizarre claim G.
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    I honestly don't know why you are implying I attacked you.

    I almost certainly treated your argument with the merrit it deserved, and yet you still respond as if I was untoward.

    when have I ever connected anarcho-capitalist stupidity and whatever your agenda is? bizarre claim DJ.
  14. DarkJello

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    You DID attack me. Anyone can read the posts above and see it clear as day.

    Please share what u think my argument is.

    I don't understand what u are trying to say in the second to last sentence.

    Confuzzlement is impeding this dialogue.
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    Chilling footage shows moment terrified passengers cower under desks and run for their lives after suicide bomb blasts rock Brussels Airport in series of attacks that killed 34 across the city.

    March 22, 2016



    This is the fruit of a totalitarian government AND a religion that has merged into one entity. The terrorists want a Theocracy to control the entire planet.

    Thoughts and prayers to all the victims. I am saddened at the brutality of the two attacks today, but not surprised in the slightest.
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    I changed the title of the thread. I found it unapropriate. (I'm Belgian)
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    Is the title I just created appropriate? Trying hard to follow the super, super, super nice rules 'round these parts.
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    no problem with the current title.
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    Terrorists pretty upset that we are hammering them out of Brussels.
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    Came here to check if you were still alive.
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