Studies show that people who like Jazz music have more sex

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    Than people who listen to other types of music. Don't believe me? Look it up, I'm not your search monkey.

    What I am going to provide for you, however, is a short list of some of my favorite Jazz pieces. Others are welcome to use this thread to discuss the merits of this amazing genre of music, as well as post their own favorites. Let's make some jazzy love in here!

    Amazing song by one of the best bands in the business, Tower of Power. Epic 8 minute sax solo starts at 2:20; a must-listen for any fans of Jazz.

    Sitting by the fire on a cold day with a good book? This is the perfect song for you. Smooth vibes all night long, Richard Elliot really shows his stuff with this one.

    Speaking of Richard Elliot, this is another killer song if you're in the mood for something high energy. His true style shows forth in this one, plus he really looks the part with that hair.

    An Eric Marienthal classic, perfect for setting the mood or entertaining high-class party-goers. Smooth and sexy, I first made love to BurnPyro with this song playing.

    Not one to let the boys have all the fun, Cindy Bradley plays the trumpet like no other. Her graceful style is accentuated by burst of energy by the backup artists making for a rousing piece.
    If your thing is smoother jazz, then look no further than Peter White. Soft and gentle, his rhythmic guitar makes all your worries go away. Great for long car rides in the country!
    Kicking it up a notch, we come back to ToP. You can almost feel the heat as Lee Thornburg gets into every pore of this song with his killer vocals.
    Finishing off with an old classic, we have James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, with his signature piece. Nothing more to be said here, the song says it all.

    I'm curious if there are any other hidden Jazz lovers in our midst. What kind of stuff do you guys listen to?
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    Jazz and Classical are pretty much all I listen to though I'm not much of a music guy.
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    I can appreciate the musicianship behind jazz, but it's not a sound I enjoy. I dig the Blues, though.
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    study shows that people how like Jazz music have less sex
    google shows
    About 3.380.000 results (0.52 seconds)

    study shows that people how like Jazz music have more sex
    google shows
    About 1.640.000 results (0.33 seconds)

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    This explains absolutely nothing.
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    I saw Whiplash and I know like jazz. Amongst my love for heavy METAL UP THE IRONS

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    @title: with other doods.
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