Stitched and "One Trick Ponies"

Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by Sokolov, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. SireofSuns

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    The Stitched, I feel, are currently at a good place. They are playable in the meta, and are considered powerful! That's good.
    The feeling I get from people saying they need to be nerfed or redesigned (in reference to the way they are now) is that other battlegroups aren't up to snuff.
    That is to say, Stitched aren't the problem, balancing overall is. Many other battlegroups that used to be "good" aren't, simply because they've been "left behind" in the revamp.

    Don't cut others down to raise yourself up (unless you're at war, then it's okay).

    I do miss many of the things the Stitched used to be able to do, however I feel that the loss was needed in order for them to be streamlined. I kinda would like to see this happen to everything, and then make things more variable. Slowly, and carefully.

    Now, there are some things I do think need addressing (Streamline/Redesign: Meld, Merged, Magearm), and I have plenty of my own ideas if anyone wishes to know them (I have closing in on 500 ideas for new runes and changes to existing ones. I have a problem pls halp.)
  2. Woffleet

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    whats so wrong with it?
  3. Skeezick

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  4. Woffleet

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    whats so bad about:
    reconstruct x, sacrifice target stitched champion or stitched remains relic within 3 spaces and summon a stitched x without upgrades in that location. This ability shares a cooldown with other reconstruct abilities. (AP 3 CD 3)
  5. Woffleet

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    whiuch is exactly why i gave the suggestion to allow large stitched champions to grow in power throughout the game. Gradually becoming demigods
  6. Skeezick

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    the summon part without upgrades is kinda bad,so everything
  7. Woffleet

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    how dumb are you? reconstruct in its current form is completely broken and making them summons fixes it. Maybe no upgrades was overkill but everything else you said was just plain dumb.
  8. Woffleet

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    sorry If I appear angry but I spent a lot of time creating my suggestion and I hate how you dismiss it without even stating a legitiment reason.
  9. Nite2kill

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    Yes in the box of the shoes

    verses what faction? If you are playing Kanen possibly FF - nope
  10. Skeezick

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    well im truly sorry that your suggestions suck :/
    better luck with killing themes next time (o.o)7
  11. Woffleet

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    dude instead of flamming my idea why don't you come up with a solution? Making Large Stirtched units into Superchmps by having them eat little stitched seemed like a great idea to me. Maybe it wasn't but ultimatly I just want the best for the theme. All you are doing is providing unconstructive feedback in a thread ment to help a amazing theme.
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  12. Skeezick

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    i got great idea,dont change them :O
    crazy right? work on theme that actualy needs it like salamans or something
  13. Woffleet

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    wait so you think the theme is great in its current form and you feel thaty my suggestion to change them so drastically changed them from the theme you loved. Why didn't you just say this originally? I understand your position I think they are great as is to. Sorry for all the hate.
  14. Skeezick

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    dont apologize,im an ******* and i know it c:
  15. SireofSuns

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    Are you saying they are shoeboxed, or something else? I'm not sure I understand. :p

    In general all I've heard people say lately about the Stitched is that they are: Broken, Overpowered, Really good in the top tiers, etc. It's not on personal experience, though I do enjoy them I am definitely not the most skilled player (though I consider myself decent at analyzing and knowing what to do, I'm not always good at actually doing it).

    Let's do our best to be (re)constructive! :)
  16. badgerale

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    I would hate for reconstruct to be changed as I love the way stitched play right now. Unique mechanics should be encouraged, not blanded out.

    If a nerf is needed (and I'm not sure it is at this time) then simple cost increases on stitched ability or reconstruct will fix the problem imo.

    One issue I have with stitched is that because the reconstruct mechanic is so central to the playstyles those champs that don't have particular synergy with this end up fighting for the few rune slots not used for reconstructers/tyrants(who create extra remains) and so there is less deck diversity.

    I don't think this is a problem with the reconstruct mechanic so much as the way many stitched are designed as standalone champs rather than to fit a place in the stitched game plan.
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  17. Woffleet

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    Yeah I completely agree. Stitched need more death benifet mechanics and maybe more abillities to kill there own champs. Like giving Shaman dain rank 2. or giving merged soul siphon.
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  18. badgerale

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    Yeah, and there are a lot of avenues that could be explored for this -- a stitched with the mason's spire ability, a stitched that can cast disintegrate or even cast arise, a stitched who creates relics, more relocate relic options, relic guardians, more bomb options, more reconstruct champs without deconstruct, more deconstructers without reconstruct.

    To start with adding these options would lead to a stronger stitched and would likely require added nora on stitched/reconstruct abilities to balance out the deck, but there will come a point where things are balanced out better and you have a choice of reconstructers and champs that provide other points of synergy.
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  19. Sokolov

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    I don't get this sense. I mean, this was started because someone made a comment to me that seemed to have substance about how they enjoyed playing Stitched more before the revamp, and I am trying to suss out why and if other players feel that way.

    I don't understand why people are thinking this is a nerf thread.
  20. SireofSuns

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    Well, some people made it into one (or tried), and I must have become lost along the way. Apologies.

    Powerful doesn't always equal fun though (thank goodness).

    I would agree that (and the Stitched are the whole reason I started playing Pox at all) the Stitched are at a good place in terms of power currently.
    However, I would also agree that the Stitched are no longer as interesting to play, simply because they lost a lot of interesting things, and several champs (as others noted) are currently not being used due their lack of synergy/usefulness/interesting-ness.

    Currently, I would like to see the Stitched that aren't used be brought back in (somehow), especially in regards to the non-Tyrant big Stitched (Merge needs help, badly).
    The main Stitched were streamlined, which was good, even if they lost some nice stuff along the way. Now we just need the rest herded back to pasture. :)
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