Stitched and "One Trick Ponies"

Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by Sokolov, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    @LoganMkv made some comments in a recent thread that I have asked him to elaborate on, but I wanted to get more opinions on it.

    Do you agree with him? And if so, can you elaborate on what aspects have changed that has created the current situation?

    If Stitched players do feel like the theme is less unique/interesting them before, that is certainly something I'd like to solve, so I am open to ideas on how to do that.
  2. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    i think he's got the term 1 trick pony all wrong. yes everything they do more or less involves the one mechanic but you can do so many combos with it that it feels like your just doing all these sick moves which generally aren't available to any other theme in the game. I personally don't really know what he's referring to and I've not noticed @LoganMkv as a particularly negative user on here so I'm sure he's got a legitimate reasoning behind this.

    The best i could really think of though is that the only stitched you'll actually run nowadays are ones that can either reconstruct, deconstruct and tyrants/librarians/stitchlings outside of that there is almost never a valid reason to run anything like stitched mesmer (which is actually a fairly good rune) just because you get so much more payoff out of running champs like shaman, warlock and hexer that are able to create more real champs.
  3. OriginalG1

    OriginalG1 I need me some PIE!

    a champion with the mason spire ability would go a long way for stitched.
  4. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    but exactly how broken would that be? as is an extra damage addition after the kill to stop it from simply being brought back is difficult to deal with in some scenarios. the option for a champion to make that up to 12 hp may cause large problems
  5. LoganMkv

    LoganMkv I need me some PIE!

    Huh, so you really think that recons with upgrades (and not just random upgrades like rend 1, really good ones) aren't stronger than without? oO

    As for risk-reward-fragile, let's go champ-by-champ:

    First: was more expensive (higher risk), but had deathpact (higher reward), and had immortality (kind of defensive ability)

    Tyrant: was lethargic (higher risk), stitchlings weren't numerous (higher risk), but had leap (higher reward) and stitchlings were real (higher reward)

    Monolith: was more expensive to deploy (higher risk, especially because of lumbering) but had sentinel/essence capture/relic guardian base and 2 more upgrades (higher reward)

    Seamstress: only had disease breath option - so no damage to relics and undead (higher risk) but was cheaper and had add charge (higher reward)

    Kiergana: was more expensive and had no boost (higher risk), but had blast and recon (higher reward) and 2 more defensive abilities

    Sarinda: was plain better in everything and had 2 defensive abilities

    Augment (a separate case): was on a tank - higher risk, cause tank is supposed to take damage, but higher reward, cause tank is a good first deploy, and if you keep him alive, you get all early deploys augmented. Now it's on a support, which won't easily die if deployed late (lower risk), but you often won't want to deploy him early.

    Now for lost possibilities:

    almost all charge-manipulation
    double-ally for FS and SL, and lots of single-allies
    both UD- and FW-oriented db (UD got thirster/vixen seriously nerfed, and FW got warlock to lose repurpose)
    parastrike (concealer lost ko, anathema lost ethief)

    This may seem not a big deal, but with all variations pre-revamp I had over a dozen of stitched bgs, and now I have like 4 + about 2 which can hardly fit more than 3 stitched.
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  6. LoganMkv

    LoganMkv I need me some PIE!

    Also if that's true, I'd like to know why you picked only stitched from my list?

    Foulrite was most variable theme within a single split - it was possible to go barb- pally- or witch- heavy, use corruptors or not, use unique interactions like apprentice without any liches, martyrdrom instant board-wide heal, etc. And it was quite hard to pull that off.

    Now you just boom 3 gy spawns and start oneshotting stuff with claw/rip/cultist.
  7. serxic

    serxic I need me some PIE!

    POOR WARLOCK, loses all synergy in zombies and repurpose themes, is Tragic REALLLY TRAGIC. i selled my 2 high warlocks for this.
    Fool undead champion. The same with ghern razorback, Mediocres
  8. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    Actually, I was referring to the DEPLOYED versions of those runes, but your reply here actually gave me insight as to what you mean now.

    You mean that because Level 1 Reconstructs now come with upgrades, they are stronger than before (even if nothing else changed).

    This also means in theory that the power level of Reconstructors (the ones who do the Reconstructing) becomes relatively weaker by comparison.

    This means that the Stitched player is, generally speaking, the average Stitched player needs to be using the relic drops more for Reconstructed champions (rather than the other minor uses), as well as shifting emphasis to continuously Reconstructing, and the option of deploying more other Stitched champions from the runedock is decreased.
  9. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi!/champion/1353

    According to the pre-evamp archive DB, it was already summoned back then.

    Also, what do you mean "Stitchlings weren't numerous?" Are you referring to the amount, or the ability?
  10. Skeezick

    Skeezick Forum Royalty

    stitchlnigs were real even a while after revamp,and it felt good,cuz you could use them to amp echoes or use eye4eye
    shame everything has to be stupid summons these days....but it was too strong :(
  11. LoganMkv

    LoganMkv I need me some PIE!

    The wording used to be all messed up, but yeah - they were real. Numerous as ability of course - it gives evasive 3, so now even 19 dmg monster artillery won't oneshot a rider, and back then any 10 dmg support was able to.
  12. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    Stichlings used to be full life drops. The change to 10 HP was very recent. Also, 15, because of Banner anyway.
  13. Skeezick

    Skeezick Forum Royalty

    actualy its 15 hp,it should be 20 with banner but its bugged so its always 15
    cuz pox
  14. kalasle

    kalasle Forum Royalty

    I'm guessing it would be 15->20 if the banner was deployed after they came into play, but yeah, small bug.
  15. LoganMkv

    LoganMkv I need me some PIE!

    Yeah, and full life of prerevamp stitchling was ...10!
  16. Netherzen

    Netherzen I need me some PIE!

    I think stitched are fine.They are viable in ranked,they have an unique theme and interesting mechanic and gameplay.I do wish they had more interaction with relics or other stitched,but its not really that big of a deal.Also buff magearm.

    This is just asking for pre-revamp stitched where they had a ton of abilities like everyone else.
    In todays costing,this would just make them too expensive.
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  17. Skeezick

    Skeezick Forum Royalty

    hire this man
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  18. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi

    Yea, that is a pretty big deal. I wasn't sure when Numerous got added either.

    Let's say, hypothetically:
    • Reconstructed Stitched champs no longer get upgrades
    • Reconstruct abilities became cheaper, opening up nora space for other abilities
    Would you support this kind of thing?
  19. Skeezick

    Skeezick Forum Royalty

    nah not realy,i thought we need less abilities on champs not more
    also dreameaters without stealths ayy lmao
  20. Sokolov

    Sokolov The One True Cactuar Octopi


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