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    Using these 3 runes successfully on any champion would make them deal a lot of damage, doesn't make the runes broken if that's what you might have meant. Anything on Icefang looks better because it's a relatively tanky champion with speed, range, and loads of damage on its own, which curiously is strongest at its cheapest upgrade combo.
    Also, my memory is foggy, how exactly would you give Icefang Regen 3 with Pilgrimage?
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    You gain Regen 3 off of Furry Hat's Dictate. And no, nothing else in frost amp scales quite like Icefang with those 2 runes. Not Jakei Elder even. Zeal Speed with dictate snowballs into the double digits of speed. Because of MA and Dictate, you can reap the benefits of amp more consistently and he starts hitting for 20-30 DMG very quickly. But really, Icefang doesn't need either of those 2 runes to be disgustingly OP.

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