SP's play style after the lost of Surge?

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  1. After 5 year hiatus I've come back. I've been watching some of Gnomes videos to catchup to the meta. And now I'm even more confused :S

    Was there a recent mass wide nerf to everything?
    - Long range Ghern's lost their surge
    - Voil sorceror lost surge???

    How does SP play lategame now? For example, Moga tends to give up the mid font vs early aggro. And try stall for lategame. Is that even possible now?

    BallBaller vs Tiny, where BallBaller miscalculates lethal by 1 damage. You can't get 20+ damage Sorcerers anymore. What do you even do in stalemate situations now?
  2. Markoth

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    Use Pull, Avalanche, Rock Trap etc to mess with the opposing players positioning and pick off units.
  3. In the Tiny vs BallBaller vid. Tiny factors in pull. And spaces his important champs 3 squares back.

    It seems SP is doomed to be the snowball-or-lose faction. Our lategame win conditions are gone. Maybe people will add a oozing slag to their decks to break stalemate situations?
  4. Ok, after playing some more rank games. I've realised I was overtheorycrafting things.

    Out of the 6 games I had. None of the games had any lategame. Powerturns come a lot earlier than I'm use to back in the old days.

    I even decided to take out Vicious harpoon completely. When opponents are jamming problems in your face. Vicious harpoons are 2 dead slots. You need removal.
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    SP have an amazing late game atm, you just need to run spells like bad blood, crescendo, boulder throw, peak tactics, nora storm etc... Just stall the game in the mid to late game until you can clean up with the help of spells. Check my spell thread for an update. If you are struggling I recommend Armoured Fesh, because after some experimentation I have realised its our best cleanse substitute, also swap 3 helps with font contesting and getting kills.

    If you want Pull I highly recommend running x1-2 Ancient Slags, they are tanky have pull and shatter...
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