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  1. SaintKiwi

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    His flavor text states he's a scavenger. Its would be nice to get pilfer back. It could be on the first upgrade line since the other upgrades are next to useless.

    Also do you have any plans for dogpile? It costs 6 nora and is boring/useless.
  2. Raikan

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    No idea how dogpile is 6 nora. A single rank of rend costs 3 nora, and will do 3 damage that turn and 2 the next for just 1 attack. In order to get the same effect out of dog pile, a champion would have to be attacked 4 times by other champions with dogpile (+1 damage on second attack, +2 damage on third, +3 on fourth). So that's between 12 and 24 pts of dogpile abilities on multiple champions to do comparable damage to a 3 nora dot that doesn't require multiple champs much less champs with the same ability. Moreover, after 4 attacks, how many champions are still going to be alive? It should probably be addressed comprehensively though in a hyaenid theme patch.
  3. PurpleTop

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    yeah dogpile is certainly overcosted, one of the reasons methinks that hyaenid bg's are pretty lack compared to other SP bg's. And I agree with the opost..... pilfer was a nice and unique ability on them, id like to see it back
  4. Centuros

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    I agree, change all Dogpile to ranks of Rend. It would certainly fit with the new design philosophy.

  5. TheBulwark

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    No!!! Recost dogpile, its for the executioner! Give the spearmen loyalty back btw
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