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  1. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    I have worked out how to overcome cleanse its by using this spell set.

    x1 Rip or Whispers of the Mind
    x1 Nora Storm
    x1 Boulder Throw
    x1 Nublins Surprise Pies
    x1 Avalanche or Lightning Storm
    x1 Vertical Push
    x1 Bait and Switch
    x1 Peak Tactics
    x1 Alacrity

    x1 Idol of the Elements
    x1 Paper Wings

    x1Headshrinkers Totem or Mangled Totem
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  2. Chris

    Chris I need me some PIE!

    The game is very playable without cleanse, it can make things more difficult but the advantage of having other options is a big bonus. Think about the times you lost a game "because I didnt have cleanse" more often that not the game would of been lost anyway, it is a convenient excuse.
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