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  1. triarii

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    What does everyone think the power of a relic counter in the vein of demolish or erode would do for SP? I think it would help shore up some major non-interactive areas SP has, especially against things like chopping block (which, although it does lurk behind your opponent's shrine, is much easier to take out with an AOE2 spell than 20 damage), and I think the opportunity cost of this kind of answer is rather low. Thoughts?
  2. soulmilk

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    SP have been needing a relic counter for a very long time. I am not sure what it would be though. Maybe make it interesting and have a Champion having a relic countering ability.
  3. GabrielQ

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    Plunderage, spell
    Art: a group of gherns and mogas are taking everything from a elven camp after they won the battle, including the posts that support the tents, and the leftover from the elves' last meal.
    Target relic is destroyed, and nearest friendly champion within 5 spaces of it gains +3 damage, +2 defense and heals 10 hp.

    This looks very SP to me, and while it doesn't solve the problem of FW relics, it can be used on friendly relics aswell
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  4. RedScarlet

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    I've given up in hoping for a relic counter. the only thing we have that's actually decent is Echo Chamber. 10 sonic dmg. O wait that doesn't destroy those 25-Nora shadowspawn relics that copies itself after a few turns. Same goes w/ ChopBlocks.

    Yep. we got no solution for problematic relics.

    Oh, actually we do: I split with SL for Tornado, and with FS for Erode
  5. MadLotar

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    I would like an AOE spell that destroys enemy relics and replaces them with either a moga den or a voil caverns. I would prefer it to be a moga den because the last time that relic was played, G'hern weren't unique.
  6. RedScarlet

    RedScarlet I need me some PIE!

    I think that's a bit too great of a spell, that means if the spell costs 45 nora, you'll get an instant relic meaning the spell would cost like 15 nora.

    at most, a spell like that would cost 60 Nora. and I wouldn't want to spend 60 Nora just to destroy a relic, especially if the relic isn't deployed on opp's zone (60Nora demolish? count me out), and especially if I don't play voils/moga

    y not:

    Call the Stone-Gorger [45 Nora]
    (artwork: my profile picture, visuals: Goliath Fesh's Swallow Whole on a relic)
    Destroy target relic, and in the nearest 2x2 space, a Goliath Fesh with 6 AP is summoned. It dies at the beginning of your next turn.

    Basically a free attack + destroy relic, for a 10Nora premium compared to Erode.


    Stone Shower [40 Nora]
    AoE3: Relics in the affected area takes 20 Physical damage. If this spell destroys a relic, opposing champions within 2 spaces of the relic takes 8 physical damage and gets Lumbering for 2 turns.

    *P.S: Grimlic's Eye will be immune to this spell. And any relics with 20++ HP will not be destroyed in one go.


    Throw Friend [25 Nora]
    Destroy target relic. The nearest friendly small champion in 3 spaces is relocated to the space it occupies, and is Stunned 1.

    *P.S: a relocation spell that can be used flexibly. You can throw your Hanging Slag and drop Cleansing Emerald for an instant Sacrifice. You can throw a summoned creature to destroy it. You can relocate your 1x1 tank to contest a font. But be sure to spend all his AP first.

    However, the spell have a 10Nora discount to Erode due to: 1) You will need a champion to cast this spell, and 2) You will have him moving into opp's threat range
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  7. soulmilk

    soulmilk I need me some PIE!

    best suggestion so far in my opinion. I wonder if they can program it to go under the earth again instead of having a death animation at the end of the turn.
  8. MadLotar

    MadLotar The King of Potatoes

    I like that idea too, only because I am a Dune fan and I once tried to make a SL/SP Hyaenid bg and this would push me to finally make one.
  9. RedScarlet

    RedScarlet I need me some PIE!

    think i'll just put this in Rune Ideas... so greens can see it, hopefully it passes on for The Ronin expansion! woot!
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