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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by Hekau718, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. Hekau718

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    I've been trying out all kinds of weird bg's lately ( stretching from FW/ST Skeletons/frost amp to a Deep Leviathan Superchamp bg ( which works btw, holy crap!)). But I really want to make a proper battlegroup to try my luck in higher ranks. I've settled with SP meta.
    Any feedback on helping me create one is highly appreciated, I'm sure will also be helpful to some other people.
    As far as budget goes, I think I can afford most runes ( I'd say all except for angels, doomies and such. They are hard to find anyway). I'm quite new to SP, but I have runes like Chaos Brave, Cyclonic Fesh, Voil Conquerors etc.
    Big thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help!
  2. GabrielQ

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  3. Farfallo

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    As of right now in pre-revamp era the Shattered Peaks meta kinda fits its Faction description of chaos. There are a lot of alternatives you can make in your BG and have it work pretty well both ways. The most solid runes your going to find in SP these days


    Voil Stormflyer - his healing is self-sufficient. He costs 73 nora with the faction bonus. stats are sexy with Loyalty and who doesn't like Deflect?
    Cyclonic Fesh - Top dog with the SP range. a lil expensive but with the refund he's 78 nora. absorb. Lightning rods can be sexy
    Peaks Doombringer - heals. flies. dooms and ethereal storm.
    Mud Elemental - Our cute little tank. Mimic. absorb. Elemental Fortitude is a sex treat. decent stats for 65 nora and he casts Hungry Mire.
    Feshcaller Mika - The tramp of the Peaks. great support. heal. summon fesh. serenade. abash and majestic to keep her pumping.
    Dirge - If Russel Crowe was a Moga.
    Hyeanid Spearmen - Very efficient stats for a 69 nora champ. and thats before the refund.
    Shallaxy - just a fun boy to have on your team.


    Alacrity - Ap gain baby
    Whispers of the mind - Game changer
    Vertical Push - everybody should have a plan B


    Thunderhead Totem - So much fun in 6 spaces .
    Voil Kings Crypt - extremely Nora efficient. 60 Nora for 3 decent swarm champs


    Slavers Whip - Possess can be bad, especially near cliffs. Drive gives a lil extra ap and damage
    Vicious Harpoon - Mortal Kombats' Scorpion says " Get Over Here!"
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  4. Vorian

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    Don't forget peaks dao.
  5. Raikan

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    G'hern General belongs in every SP meta group. Designate flag bearer is just too powerful: aoe 6 effect that gives evasive 2, spell resistance, and +1 speed.

    Cleansing emerald as well.

    Overcharged golem is also a strong contender in a bg with 2x thunderhead totem.
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  6. Farfallo

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    Cleansing Emerald is a definite. Dao and General to me are both excellent but depending on your build you should be able to find an alternate if you wanted. Kanen Slipped is good too.
  7. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    I run chaos brave and voil conqueror. Also run x2 overcharged golem, and x2 Cyclops shaman with lightning rod and lightning storm.
  8. Raikan

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    What are people's thoughts on Ritual Crone vs. Ritual Cultist in 1 v 1? How do people upgrade the Ritual Crone--cultist is pretty obvious w/ death charged 3 and 1 of the bombs. I've been experimenting with crone, and a 2-6 aoe attack that is typically spammable every other turn is pretty good. In the meantime, she can sit back and drive units or grant aura (if you plan on equipping her w/ slaver's whip instead).
  9. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    When the blast was possible every turn the ritual crone was better, now the ritual cultist is better.
  10. Javier Romero

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  11. Ballballer

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    An optimized mixed meta sp bg will have some x2 autoincludes
    2 stormflyer
    2 cyclonic fesh
    2 doombringers
    2 mud elementals
    2 whispers of the mind
    2 thunderhead totems
    Everything else is up to you
  12. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    That being said, I still don't have a second doombringer:(
  13. GabrielQ

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    doombringer op
  14. Raikan

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    If only it wasn't so ugly....
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  15. Vorian

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    G'hern generals buff is better than boost 3! Get a general. I plan to use 1 to make 9 speed sorcerers.
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    You be quite, the beach balls are adorable.
  17. Raikan

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    Mmm...they always reminded more of the mon calamari from star wars...admiral ackbar ftw.

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