Something Funny About Dwarves

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by concealedweapon, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. concealedweapon

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    I just realized something really funny about dwarves.

    Imagine two Dwarves: Dwarf 1 and Dwarf 2. Both have the Toss Equipment ability, and Dwarf 1 is currently equipped with a brew.

    Dwarf 1: "Here. Have my beer."
    Dwarf 1: "I had beer and now I don't. That makes me enraged, even though I willingly gave it away."
    Dwarf 2: "It's okay. I'll give it back to you."
    Dwarf 2: "Now I had beer and don't anymore. I'm enraged too, even though just like you, I also willingly gave it away, and it wasn't even mine to begin with."
    Dwarf 1: "Yeah, I'm still enraged, even though I willingly gave away my beer and also got it back."
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  2. chickenpox2

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    Yea brew abuse is bs

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