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  1. Geressen

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    I liked it

    though I am worried about Darth Maul being shown as alive to a wider audience rather than people who also followed Star wars rebels, great setup to allow Maul to appear in a Kenobi standalone film, I wonder if we will see a live action flashback of how Maul survived aswell as how he died as seen in rebels

    Don't understand alt-right dumb****s boycotting because they are afraid of a character that fights for robot rights ( that's nearly straight out of some expanded universe stuff as existing )
  2. calisk

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    Saw it, it was Bane Shift

    About as good as a any generic action flick but with a star wars skin. I'd of had more fun at a fast and the furious film...would of been less political BS going on around it.

    As for the "robot rights" they have no place in the star wars universe because the singularity as we know it is simply not a thing there, robots are programmed and reprogrammed over and over again in that universe, they are sentient only so much as they are designed to be, in star trek data was fully sentient and capable of extending far past his original programming same for the doctor in voyager, star wars on the other hand their robots cannot do that classically, one day a droid may be a protocol droid next they are reprogrammed on a sand planet to scrub farmers water tools, and would not in anyway have any feelings about it as they have no feelings, only self preservation protocols, and loyalty to there existing masters.

    Tldr they are no more sentient and aware then the an ai in a video game, just a much more advanced version of that.

    Even if they wanted to make the point that it wasn't the case they sure didn't delve into it like much better sci do has in the past.

    Regardless would of liked to see more opinions on the movies not random political bull Bane Shift which is why I didn't want to see it in the first place.

    I skip all movies that get politicized but in this case a friend couldn't find anyone else to go and could get me in for free...and that still felt like pulling teeth to bother to go do.
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  3. Geressen

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    that is why they have restraining bolts to stop them making their own decisions and choices. jesus dude you're wrong. way to get offended at something that has been in star wars since the very begining. and popped up in legends expanded universe loads XD

    what Firking politics? its people that you that think it is political keep whining on and on.
  4. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!

    A restraining bolt is easier then reprogramming. To be quite frank it seems like a stupid thing in the context of the lure. Like something that should only be used if you stole the bot and didn't bother to reprogram it or are on the way to reprogram it, or it's so old you can't reprogram it and you can't get it do what you want, or you want the bot captures and restrained. I look at it like a patch/handcuffes effectively. it does exist in the lure but the way it's used in the film is completely illogical to me without more context.

    also why would a mining colony like theirs not just reprogram those bots? or why didn't they just buy bots that were programmed to do their job, I don't see why restraining bolts would be needed? maybe they could of explained where those bots came from, expanded on the plot a bit more? it's like they had an entire colony of stolen bots and were too lazy to reprogram any of which case they deserved what happened i guess for being lazy. I also don't remember seeing a single scene where the bots were mistreated,

    Anyway that doesn't matter the writers didn't even approach it in any way that could of been interesting. It was all of maybe 8 lines from a disposable droid and then promptly forgotten for the rest of the film, nothing before or after, hardly the appropriate amount of time to cover an expansive topic. It was lip service and pandering done much better in any number of sci-fi films that don't touch the subject without devoting at least an hour or more to the topic.

    Regardless the second you started complaining about the alt-right. Which Is straight idiotic you politicized this conversation. Lots of people "boycotted" solo left right Chinese british etc, in reality people just didn't want to go and in my case and many of the people I know it's because of people like you. We can't not want to see a movie or suddenly were part of the alt right, if we hate it we are biggots, we like it and were Disney shills and SJW's.

    F off and stop ruining star wars
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  5. Geressen

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    you're the 0ne whining about things that have been in star wars since the very begining.

    i've seen people like you complain about WOMEN and MINORITIES in STAR WARS.

    and it is RIDICULOUS! and yeah those people call themselves alt-right. what do you want me to call them?

    cause they sure arn't fans of star wars
  6. Markoth

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    I enjoyed it a lot. Personally I thought L3 was perfect
    Her death and subsequent upload into the falcon, goes back to some seriously old school lore about solo adding a droid brain to the nav computer to give him an edge with smuggling routes. Also her hitting her head a lot to process things is why chewie and han will hit the dash/controls when the Falcon was acting up.

    The movie had a crap ton of low key references and back story for the people looking for it without throwing it in peoples faces like Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan in Rogue One.

    The guy that plays Han did a great job and got his mannerisms down perfect. I don't really like his voice but all things considered I think the casting worked.

    Donald Glover was downright eerie as Lando. His laugh was so spot on that I am still not convinced it wasnt just a recording from the other movies.

    As for you know who
    Maul being alive in the greater lore is likely my least favorite things about Star Wars. The man was cut in half and fell down a reactor shaft. However it is what it is and I get the feeling that he is going to be the behind the scenes antagonist of the upcoming Boba Fett and Obi-wan movies. I think that the Boba Fett movie will be about Han and Chewie (The dude playing han was signed for 3 movies) working for Jabba alongside Boba Fett to steal something from the Shadow Collective and maul by extension which will be the back story of why Han and Fett hate each other so much. Obi-wan will act as the 3rd movie in a pseudo-trilogy about him taking down the cartels influence on Tatooine and will end with maul discovering Obi-wan is there and leaving to fight him.
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  7. badgerale

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    Things I liked:

    Overall, I did like it a lot. Probably my favourite since the originals.

    It felt a lot like the originals in that there was a single strong storyline and strong characters being developed.

    It had enough nods to the established franchise, and filled out the backstory well, but wasn't afraid to tell its own story.

    The strong characters were what won me over - my main gripe with recent films is that the cast is so mind blowingly bland. This time I actually gave a Bane Shift about them - they actually had personality.

    The galactic mafia thing is actually pretty engaging as was the plot twist at the end.

    They didn't have a mission to blow anything big up, again.

    Things I didn't like:

    the redhead girl/freedom fighter I found awkward somehow. Not sure why.

    The giant space octopus. I mean, Jesus, it didn't need a giant space octopus (I know this was a nod to the giant space worm in the original but it was to much).

    The droid rights thing/droid-human loving. I don't think this was a bad idea, but it could have been done a better. It felt a little too heavy handed. Though admittedly they had to fit it in somehow - maybe focus on one or the other.
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  8. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!

    similar opinions, though from a story telling perspective I'm annoyed how so many characters have so little development over a two hour run time.

    only character I was truly enjoying was Qi'ra much like Han in the originals she had quite a bit of mystery to her with enough screen time to actually develop. most other characters aren't even worth learning the name of

    I look at the mafia stuff as something that quite frankly is sequel baiting as it played very little role in this movie but could be expanded on greatly in the future.
  9. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!

    well let's pick this one apart.

    1) whining about you not star wars. you as an example are a perfect specimen behind why I hate the current trajectory of the franchise but the movies themselves are fine, it's the culture around it that's bad.
    2) you claim i complain about women and minorities in star wars please prove it because I haven't, you are attempting to strawman my position which is again stupid.
    3)"those people call themselves alt right" prove it, I've seen dozen of boycott videos and read many articles of people that have skipped it, and I know half a dozen people in real life that didn't want to go, none of them claimed they were part of the alt right. also you are generalizing which is always a stupid thing to do, people have different reasons for skipping the movie
    4)They are fans of star wars, not what ever this is, to be quite frank the trailer was poor. I can slap a star wars on a care bear movie if nobody pays to see it it's not because they are not a fan of star wars. in other words they can love what the franchise was and hate where it's going and still be fans you don't get to decide that.
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  10. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!

    really? I mean his opening scene was AMAZING, you could close your eyes and just know that it's lando talking, but after that he became a weird parody of lando. still good but not really an uncanny performance after that,
  11. Geressen

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    1: you whine about droid rights right up there.
    2: I said people like you, not you. there is a distiction because you are all different people not a hive mind.
    3:again not a hive mind sorry i piled some together.
    4: they seem to hate everything about star wars.
  12. Geressen

    Geressen Forum Royalty

    I think you can see lando do a "*sigh* * eyeroll*" reacting to her at one point.
  13. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!


    1) I complained about how illogical the whole plot was as I believe it brings up a number of plot holes, droid rights never came up outside that context, but again droids are not a minority nor are they women, they are a computer in the star wars lore. this is just more evidence of how it's impossible to enjoy these movies, I can't even talk about a plot hole without it somehow getting tied to social BS, of course as I said I'd of preferred them to spend more time explaining why they needed the restraining bolts at all, as all the droids working there should of been loyal programmed bots, and they give no explanation for why they weren't.

    if the bots were bought they'd be loyal, if they were reprogrammed they'd be loyal, but if they were stolen it might make sense but then why didn't the reprogram them? no explanation is given. even if they expand on the universe and change them to fully sentient AI which those mass produced bucket bots would not likely contain then why were they not loyal to them? sentient droids are simply not the norm in star wars so expanding on that would be great if they are going to have enough of them around to cause an entire rebellion.

    2) "people like you" is a common tool in straw-manning it's accusing me of something while trying to act like you didn't just state I was included. you can't include me in your example without evidence of it, at least not while trying to maintain morale ground in the debate.
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  14. Geressen

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    are we still talking about a movie series that is primarily about space wizards with plasma swords?
  15. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!

    Yep since even fantasy and magic based stuff needs to remain consistent or the entire world is pointless.
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  16. Geressen

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    good thing the robots have remained consistent then.
  17. Ragic

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    For the record, Data wasn’t sentient either. It’s just that in the Star Trek universe they prefer feels over reals.
  18. Alakhami

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    I feel like Geressen is insecure about his political beliefs.
  19. calisk

    calisk I need me some PIE!

    Well he wasn't programmed to be loyal, he had the ability to have emotions and choose to turn it down.

    His brother while slightly different became evil.

    That said you are right even in the episodes where it was brought into question they couldn't prove he was sentient just that they couldn't prove the opposite.

    That said in star wars the bots are running the sci fi equivalent to Windows 95 no hint of sentient behaviour is anywhere in the franchise before disney.

    Closest is r2d2 but even he is always just following his current masters orders at his own expense the entire series
  20. Geressen

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    lay off the drugs and the goverment ordered assasinations ruski.


    that's right, IG-88 bounty hunting for money to start a GALAXY WIDE DROID REVOLUTION

    and of course 8t88

    there is Squaky Who Escaped Kessel with other droids during a droid rebellion.

    Add to it the fact that droids are shown to experience fear and happiness and even pain in the droid torture chamber shown in episode VI. and are treated as sentient people by all the main characters in the movies.

    so the question would be did 1997 ( star wars jedi knight dark forces 2) and 1998 ( therefore I am: the tale of IG-88) ( X wing: Wraith Squadron) and 2007 (Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 8- the lone battle droid) take place BEFORE Disney bought Star wars.

    to my knowledge time seems to work in a linear fashion, and Disney bought Star wars in 2012
    can you tell me if 2007, 1997 and 1998 happened before or after 2012? or does time not work the same where you live @calisk

    TL/DR @calisk is wrong. as I have been telling him from the start.
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