So what games are you all playing?

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    so been playing xcom 2 a Bane Shift ton with the mods

    I think I cheated

    I have a class called shinobi and it lets me equip two melee weapons for primary and secondary, so ofc I choose two axes. One being the one that is a free range throw against a target, and she has an ability that lets her attack for free any enemy within blue moves and on top of those two free attacks she can attack normally on a third guy. Insane damage it's not even fair for anything except sectopods. I also modded in some cybernetics so she has robot legs that let her jump on top of buildings and move faster.

    She slaughters just about every pod if they are alone but not so good on the bigger missions where there are mocx and other rouge factions with tech on par with mine. I just need to find a way to keep the ballistic shields with her so the shotgun shield wall can protect too much damage.

    Firk I love mods
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    what specifically do you not like about it?
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    It just doesn't seem to be focused on making games fun anymore. They all apparently have to tell some grand story, or try to mess with your mind, or introduce you to some cool character. Or it's a shooter.

    I guess I'm probably just being nostalgic, but it seems like games used to be more about how fun they were to play before anything else, and now it seems like an afterthought.

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    look up dusk on steam, old school style shooter. idk if it's anything you'd like but I don't even know what the Firk was going on it that game, just know to shoot until everything is dead in the room and collect all the armor shards
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    League of Legends

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