So this woman can't walk through an area because it's unsafe in Sydney

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  1. super71

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    The muslim religion and Sharia go hand and hand, do some research. Muslim religion and politics go hand and hand, it has been this way for thousands of years in the Middle East, get your head out of your ass.

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    World peace would be significantly further along if Christians just would not kill one another.
  3. Geressen

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    what is the difference with christianity? which for example goes hand in hand with murdering people over wearing clothes made of different materials according to their book?

    also you blame islam for thousands of years of violence in the mid east but Islam is 1500 years old so you know... maybe YOU should do some research? and not on your right wing crypto-fasc conspiracy sites.
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    I mean if we are going that far back, the crusades were a thing.
  5. Geressen

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    I like how the peasant crusade that started in Germany that got started when they anounced the first crusade basically went around Germany slaughtering jews ( those silly germans and their jewslaughtering ways) and then laid siege to a christian city in hungary and all died in the attempt without ever reaching constantinople and the byzantine empire they were supposed to be helping fight the turks.
  6. super71

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    When was the last time the crusades happened ? That's my point, i'm not defending religions at all, I think they are all equally useless and mostly for people who can't think for themselves. The thing is we haven't had crusades in thousands of years, whereas muslims still kill people for being gay, or a woman, or having a different religion, or questioning their religion.
  7. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    The difference is, Christians and Catholics aren't killing people because of their religion still, or stoning women to death for talking out of line, or killing gays simply for existing. You speak about tolerance yet support the most intolerant religion in all of mankind. I'm tired of people saying well Christians did this and Catholics did this, yes they did, but they don't do it anymore and our society has involved. People from other countries keep acting like all white male Americans are Christian or Catholic, the majority of us don't support any religion and think both are equally corrupt, where as Islam followers can't even speak their opinion like that without consequences that is the difference. Stop making silly arguments and deflecting and diverting, it's getting old.

    Yes I blame Islam, as they are fighting over the same Bane Shift for thousands of years. They fight over tiny differences in a book that was written by someone none of them knew, for a religion that was founded by someone they also didn't know, it's completely idiotic.

    I'm white, i'm atheist, and i'm tired of being called a racist when the only problem I have with Muslims is the book that is totally outdated and that nobody can question without violence. Islam is hypocritical, it's idiotic, it's completely unrealistic, and most of all in the present it is totally racist, sexist, homophobic, misogynistic, and any other negative word pertaining to race, sex, or religion. The fact that people still defend it is completely asinine. It is the only religion that has not evolved in any way shape or form, and that is reflected in the Middle East completely.

    I'm honestly just done arguing about it, the proof is literally everywhere you look regarding the religion. The fact that people keep defending Islam shows to me, you support racists, and sexists, and homophobia.
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    there are a lot of gay people in africa who disa

    no wait...

    theres not.

    the christians made them illegal thanks in part to the involvement of US pastors who praise dictators who take such measures.
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    no, Islam is 1500 years old, so they literally could not have been fighting over it for thousands of years, since thousands of years have not happened yet since it first appeared.

    they could be fighting over it for hundreds of years. but not thousands.

    did you forget how time works in adition to not knowing that Sydney is in Australia literally on the other side of the planet from Europe?
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