So I return to Uber Nerfs

Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by Renatus, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Renatus

    Renatus New Member

    Can someone please tell me what in forsaken wastes WASN'T NERFED?.... no, new stuff doesn't count. Because thus far I'm seeing everything as being nerfed... undead getting diseased, wretched witches got turned from support units into boring regular combat units, every triggerable thing can only be triggered by basic attacks, void howler no longer attacks everything in range... and just everything is soo boring and bland now. What were they trying to simplify the whole game for mass market appeal or something?
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  2. kalasle

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    If you want to play a complicated and busted deck, try worms.
  3. Renatus

    Renatus New Member

    I want to play poxnora, not this washed up shadow of its old self.. I have yet to find a single old strategy that has been retained in any real way whatsoever. I've got a demon lich that is about as useful now as any zombie out there.. It used to have healing, the swarmed deep elf skeletons used to have surge.... WE USED TO HAVE A GAME OF SYNERGY AND POWER OUT THE WAZOO! Now what we have is a game of bland champions that can barely do anything... So many champions have had their whole purpose COMPLETELY STRIPPED FROM THEM!! Nether wraith used to be an ap siphon with hit and run potential a legitimate threat, now its just a petty mover/debuffer just like every other hero out there

    Here see for yourself what nether wraith used to look like

    better yet, just look at the whole list of heros

    Every single one could kick the posterior of their current versions
  4. Renatus

    Renatus New Member

  5. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    All champions in the game got consolidated a few years ago. Its not like FW runes lost a bunch of abilities and everything else stayed the same.
  6. NevrGonaGivUup

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  7. Renatus

    Renatus New Member

    Ah... so its not just an accidental foolish change... it was a COMPLETELY DELIBERATE DESTRUCTION OF THE GAME. THIS IS POX NORA'S NEW GAME ENHANCEMENT!!! I expected this kind of garbage from Sony Online Entertainment.... NOT OF A COMPANY THAT EMPLOYS SOME OCTOPI EMPLOYEES.

  8. Scrambles

    Scrambles The King of Potatoes

    Game is plenty complex. Just more balanced and less powercreep now.
  9. Regulate

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    When someone begins by communicating in this way you can tell it's a waste of time trying to talk with them, they wear their ignorance like a badge of pride.
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  10. LordOrlock

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    OP's post: "Oh noooo the game is less grognardy than before and my OP cards from the SOE era are less OP now!"

    Most people think the changes were beneficial. Also Forsaken Wastes was not singled out.
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  11. DemonicWiz

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    I'm also a returning player and WTF. XD

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