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    Do any of you have some nice BG'S to show, im in the works of making one. They seem extremely strong because almost all of them have phase shift or a form of becoming incorporeal, making all of them naturally tanky. also they have good range + easy multiattack 3 + a form of nora gen in addition to the nora gen that FS already has with the crypt. they also have at least 3 damage types which is always nice to have. in theory they seem OP but like i said no one plays them it seems, but if yall know someone who does, name him please so i can watch some of their games.

    Also can we get a bit of a color / model change for one of these two champs, they are much too similar. I suggest a color change somewhere like red on the Hunter's snout/jaw thing i dont know :D ej9Fj9EF0Be9Ae9AE8DJ8IJ8Jgpferwtjrzrjpn.gif ej9AJ8Jf1Ae9BG2Af1AJ8Jj9Aeiyxvxxvkepykpf.gif ej9Fj9EF0Be9Ae9AE8DJ8IJ8Jgpferwtjrzrjpn.gif ej9AJ8Jf1Ae9BG2Af1AJ8Jj9Aeiyxvxxvkepykpf.gif
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    I rarely make bg's anymore due to impending changes.

    I may take a look into playing snappers if I get the new ones.
  3. Skeezick

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    hunter needs his AXE
  4. oyo97

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    so this new tooth doesnt even have phaseshift O_O.
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    I like spellsurge upgrade on snap chilan cuz cheap gloomwater so good x2. Poxbase not updated so I couldn't add my 2 snap hunters. Just drop 1 deadeye slot, and 1 rider. It is kind of irritating that Snap Hunter doesen't have phase shift and maybe he is cheaper for it. The new costing formula was a little rough on range snap cost raising it. New Snaptooth is very quick with pounce3 upgrade and good damage with deep wounds. Honestly rapid attacks is not useful at all and I would rather have shatter upgrade on snaptooth rider again. You can upgrade Hinder movement on Snap Dusk Shaman as it increases speed and damage of Snaptooth Hunter if he is close to enemy champion.
  6. Kaziken

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    The new Snaptooth was much needed. He's a great unit. If you like surprising the opponent, there's a lot of things Snaptooth splits well with:

    UD - Phase Shift + Maddening Echoes = lol. You also get the Flamecloak or w/e it's called that makes the Crawmangler virtually unkillable.

    SP - Peak Tactics. Peak Tactics. Peak Tactics. Giving Flanking to a variety of multi-attacking units is amazing. Combine this with the SP bonus to stave off the high cost of many of them and it's a great split.

    SL - Quickening and Quicken. SL bonus. Transfusion. All sync well with Murkwater Frenzy and the innately high health of the melee gators.

    IS - I have less experience with this one and it's been a long time since I played it. The best spell to utilize if you split with IS is Gravity Flux. Once you understand how it's best utilized, it's a game changer. That and it positions your units for you, giving you more procs of Murkwater Frenzy.
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  8. Gnomes

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    also FS FW would work well with both incorporeal and spirits/stealth from insubstansuate as well as the multiattack with soulstrike
  9. Ifem21

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  10. drathys

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    snaptooth? SNAPTEETH!
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  11. Gnomes

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    we should really get a "snaptooth clause" for the snaptooth helm.... such as if a snaptooth wears it, they also get scale armour... but then up the cost too 30-35
  12. Kaziken

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    I'm not really in a position to critique decks, as I'm severely out of the loop on what's current. However, a few notes that spring to mind:

    Alacrity is great. I'd recommend one. Generating four ap for a few units could net each of them an additional 2 attacks when you factor in movement.

    Crescendo is a great spell and a fantastic finisher. As I recall, it has the clause that it only has an effect on an opponent's champions. 9 - 12 - 15 ramping damage means that early game, you could sneak in a few multi-attacks, use the spell to finish and soften their backline. It does take some getting used to, but the damage to nora ratio is solid.

    I like Rock Trap. I like Vicious Harpoon. I like the Staff of The Solstice. I like Static Bracelet, especially with Crawmangler. Consider adding in a Cyclops Eye Belt. A lot of opportunities spring up when you throw it on the Snaptooth Ancient. A 7 range knockback can delay the opponent or rarely grab you a cliffdive. At best, it keeps their melee from encroaching on you or having to waste more ap to get back into your frontline.

    And lastly, I don't feel that you need the Lightning Storms. If you REALLY want AoE, just go with x2 Avalanche. At least the knockback plays into positioning their units closer to your own.
  13. profhulk

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    thanks I will apply the changes
  14. Gnomes

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    What upgrades do you guys get and why. Like should I only upgrade the gloomwater spellsurge on both or just one. Also I don't like going out of theme so I go for healing through spells / relics.
  15. Ifem21

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    -The Shaman is pretty obvious (I guess)...
    -Ancient: Poison Cloud 2, Wisdow (or poison 1 for cheap);
    -Chillain: one with sentinel, other with Gloomwater, and both with rite of power;
    -Crawmangler: Tough 3, Resilent;
    -Deadeye: Beserker 2, Exertion 1;
    -Dusk Shaman: Blind, Soultap;
    -Murkwater: Rend, Detection;
    -Rider: Rend 1, RA 1;
    -Hunter: Call of the Hunter. Deep Wounds;

    This is what I use
  16. profhulk

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    Upgrading spellsurge on one is good enough. Spellsurge acts as a nice rune reveal, gloomwater is a good stall spell/armor/damage reduction spell and it heals chilan. Call to arms would be a good upgrade on the other chilan.
  17. Ohmin

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    Ancient: Poison Cloud 3 (it matches up with the min-range this way), Poison 2 (most damage)
    Chillan: Spellsurge (on both, partly because I like "matching" but also for consistency), Premonition (because F Rite of Power; and Stall while good is more expensive but not necessarily more useful)
    Crawmangler: (I change this up every now and then. Currently) Tough3 and Resilient
    Deadeye: Exertion 3, Berserker 3. (You could go down to Exertion 1 if you plan to never really use the ability)
    Dusk Shaman: Jolt 3 (Most damage), Blind (cheaper than Hinder, but if you're facing non-Aura based Cleanse go with Hinder Movement)
    Hunter: Pounce 3 (because I like personal Mobility but also), Declare Hunted (Less Flexible than Deep Wounds but more immediate results; note that this will change based on whatever Splits I end up doing. If there are additional sources of Deep Wounds or Declare Hunted, I'll lean towards whatever is most common. This also means I might switch Pounce out as well)
    Murkwater: Rend 1 (because he's melee, I'm less concerned with damage than with efficiency), Detection 3
    Rider: Charm (because take that useless Rapid Attack! Mwahahahahaha!, also because I don't feel the need for Shatter most of the time, otherwise go with that), Rend 1 (See: Murkwater)
  18. Shell Dorado

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  19. Gnomes

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    I got rekt by a SL beast deck... So I got the extra ap and life siphon still I got rekt. I suck & beast herder to stronk!
  20. Anima26

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