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Discussion in 'Underdepths' started by Poxlife, Apr 6, 2015.

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    out of all the factions our heros need the less work so I think the owls should make Prince Malandur gain hero princess cthria has it why does he deserve to be have it also that way we can make him more flavorful to fit into meta
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    Prince Malandur is a bit nora expensive for what he does at this moment. I think that trample is not so awesome and not sure if it fits in a 1 square champion.
    For being a Legendary Minotaur, supposed to be the best one of this race, I canĀ“t understand why no Charge rank 3 option is available for him.
    I suppose that Warcry or Battlemaster could be GREAT in him and fit in Minotaurs theme, but could be OP maybe...
  3. Dwlr

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    Malandur is part of set a set of named runes non of which have hero, Ctharia was released on her own with hero initially there is a difference. Using Ctharia to bring up the imbalance of heroes is fine, but your proposition to break up a set creates more imbalance or a slippery slope of passing out Hero to more runes just for the sake of having equal numbers and since Ctharia is already a hero making Berkchani a hero to make everybody in the ambassador release 'even' with their hero status Ctharia is still an unanswered hero release.
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    While Malandur is a mediocre champ and a bit pricey, I don't really see a reason in prioritizing him over a lot of other runes in UD which I feel are more worthy of being changed. Additionally, minotaurs are a cheap theme to build. I'd rather Malandur stay an optional include rather than a 1x auto that is required for high level play.

    Warcry would be OP in minos, though you could probably argue that such an ability is OP regardless of thematic context.
  5. Dwlr

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    A lot of the heroes are optional in their theme or don't even do anything for that theme. If the poster wanted an answer to Ctharia and wanted a minotaur hero he should be arguing for Randgal to be made into a rune IMO, but then I'd say Votaev has that beat out in terms of being deserving and support.
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  6. chickenpox2

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    Seriously remove opportunistic strike he will be 79-87
  7. Kristian Skjold

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    Maybe it's just me.. But i would rather see Prince Malandur as a superior support champion than a Beater.
    - But that would maybe screw up some minotaur-lore. idk

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