Sappy Thread of Remembrance

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ballballer, Jul 4, 2018.

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    Shaz used 2 more accounts over the years that I am ware of: Koralin was someone else's account with leveled avatars that he started using because he didn't wanna grind for max lvl ones back when it was super slow. As a funny sidenote, it was originally owned by a woman so Hashinshin hit on Shaz a couple times while he was on it. Algalon was another one and he used this account up until the time he seemingly quit Pox, but it's possible he had some other test alts.
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    Hey, I know some of y'all.

    I had a ton of fun with this game over the years, picked it up during Drums of War expansion at request of a friend (Durama), and proceeded to become heavily addicted for many years. I played most all BG's, but definitely SL groups the most. Managed to be semi competitive often with not the most meta of decks, or super broken decks that weren't popular, IS/UD barbs, AP Lock, Borghas, and countless split bg's of runes I liked. I remember showing up on one of Sepulcher's Youtube videos against grgoo in 2011, and thought that was pretty cool.

    I also thoroughly enjoyed all the bg play testing I did with HellspawnD(DMRBadguy) and Caine. I know I tested groups with more people, but it's been quite a few years, so while I recognize a ton of y'alls names, I may not remember explicitly.

    As a side note, what on earth happened that made so many bugs that weren't around before, mainly visual indicators and graphics happening in strange places.
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    New rendering requirements for the new client broke a lot of visuals.
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    The code for this game is probably in some stitched together corpse golem like apparatus, Didn't Gedden and Kaizer start work on this game more than 15 years ago in his garage on java?

    Kind of a miracle that its mainly just visuals that got screwed by the new client.

    But glad to see you're still around Soks, hope all is well!
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    I am wonderful, thanks :)

    Sad about Pox, but my life is going well. Hope you are well also!
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    Speaking of sappy remembrances, do you all remember back when everyone would "necro" old threads on the forum?

    Either way, I enjoyed skimming through this thread and procrastinating with good ol' nostalgia. Almost got a little weepy reading Paladin's post, too.

    I had such an awesome time in high school playing Pox and double-teaming way better players with my pair of Dwarven Kings, even if I was a general chat headache (all in good fun, I promise) and got muted once or twice a week. (To everyone who accused me of being immature—I'm sure my students think the same thing, today, 14 years later. But, I apologize.)

    One of the memories that stands out to me—aside from all that chatting, battles, dwarven rivalries, and friends (if by some chance you're reading this and wondering if you're one of them, I assure you the answer is "yes")—was playing Shazara when he was testing Banish + Banish + Nora Drain. I ended up doing fairly well, and he said something like, "If I'm having trouble against you, this BG still needs tweaking." He made a change or two, and when we replayed, beat me so bad my runes probably still have boot marks on their portraits.

    Another moment I recall was whispering Ogre, who was a moderator at the time, and asking him if I could be a moderator. He thought I was joking, but I insisted.

    "Hang on," he said, "I'll ask."

    A few minutes passed. Nothing. So, I whispered him again to check in.

    "Well?" I asked.

    "The only response I got was 'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO. NEVER.'"

    I don't have any epic battle stories. I maybe broke the Top 200 once or twice ages ago, and if I faced a decent player I'd freak out, unless it was a guild mate from Defenders of the Stronghold (DOS) like Kyzrin or Paladin. (Can't remember if I ever played GreatBeard, but to this day, I think of him as Whiskey Jack from the Malazan Book of the Fallen.)

    I've never loved a game as much as I loved this one. Great art, great, sprites, and most of all, great community.

    Not sure if I'll ever get my account(s . . . ) recovered or be able to play again, but I cherish the experiences I had.

    So, cheers to Pox. I hope you're all doing well. And long live Ironfist!

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    Nice to hear from you Basalt I remember you, if you egt the itch to play and need any IS runes let me know I got you.
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    Hey, Axeraiser! I hope you're doing well—I'm glad to see you're around. Thanks a ton for the generous offer. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with a Mac at the moment, so it's a nightmare for me to get a 30 bit OS to play on. But if I ever get a PC or add another OS, I'll let you know, if you're still hanging out.
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    Just run Steam, and you can play.
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