Russian Collusion

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  1. Ragic

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    What's the latest iteration of the conspiracy theory? Have you nut jobs finally let it go or what? Are you ready for a big fat I told you so? Yet another one from Ragic? Will they ever stop coming? Will you ever NOT be wrong?

    get wrecked libtards.
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    Trump doesn`t need no collution with the Russians, he just grabs them by the *ussy :D

    Good sweet lord how that guy ended up in office only god knows!

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    I still don't get why people bring that up, wasn't it just a video being secretly recorded between two guys? The Bane Shift i've heard and said between guys is way worse, doesn't mean you'd really do it though since it's more to just get a laugh.
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    Russians did try to help Trump but I guess Trump himself did not try to get their help.

    this is good I guess.
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    In Soviet Russia, election rigs you!
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    I don’t get why they are still blaming trump, despite a lot of evidence over the years of democrats colluding with other countries. Just seems people are misinformed, maybe ? It’s hard to find the truth in today’s work but a couple minute search on most of the Democrat ideas tell you all you need to know.

    I’m also concerned with why so many people from other countries have such an interest in United States affairs.

    Why are democrats against trump sending all illegals to sanctuary cities, it seems like that’s a solution for everyone involved ? Perhaps because democrats are all blustering, and know that illegals are causing a massive strain on our economic prosperity, and they don’t care because many sanctuary cities are quite far from border states. Just read recently that democrats are now calling it a border crisis, and they are blaming trump ?
  7. Runegod

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    I feel like everyone would be scared if every conversation they ever had was recorded, hence why our phones and the amazon echo are quite scary.
  8. Sokolov

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    What evidence outside of conspiracy theories really exist? Are you misinformed?

    Probably because the US has a lot of interests in other countries' affairs.

    1. Asylum seekers are not illegal.
    2. They are against Trump using humans as political pawns.
    3. Many asylum seekers and refugees do already go to so-called sanctuary cities, so it's really just "talk" from Trump.

    There's no real evidence of this other than some right wing think tanks vastly overestimating the cost of illegals while not considering their positive impacts.

    In either case, again, asylum seekers and illegals aren't the same thing - there's some overlap in some situations, but people need to stop conflating the two.

    The Republicans are the one who have been calling it a border crisis and pretending that nothing has been done for decades... when in fact, a lot has been done. A lot of border improvements, deals with Mexico, and border fencing was completed under Obama. In fact, Trump's initial "wall" sections have all been repairs/maintenance on existing barriers!

    Some Republicans, including Pence, has blamed a 2009 policy change by Obama not to detain asylum seekers as causing the recent surge in applicants.

    However, the reality is that the real surge happened after Trump took office in the last 3 years - mostly made up of people from Venezuela.

    The narrative also ignores that the Obama policy was reversed... by Obama in 2014.

    The US also has basically the lowest refugees per capita in the developed world, by the way.

    Illegal immigration is a different story - and that has actually shifted to illegal overstays rather than illegal border crossers. They fly in, they don't cross the border - yet the focus is on the border.

    By the way, until recently when Venezuela took over, what country do you think from most asylum seekers in the US come from? Not Mexico, not any country in Central or South America... but CHINA.

    Chinese asylum seekers are accepted at a much higher rate (usually between 60-80% each year) than countries like Mexico (20%) while being far more numerous. They are also more likely to come in under other pretenses such as tourist or student VISAs, and also represented by a lawyer. Yet no one talks about these loopholes when discussing asylum seekers, nor does anyone seem to call them "illegal" despite they are clearly using loopholes to stay in the US. Like illegals, this group flies in, they don't cross the border - yet the focus is on the border.

    In any case, I have no problem with a country enforcing immigration laws, I really don't. But if it was really about illegals only, we wouldn't see attacks on LEGAL immigration/entry like H1B VISAs and stopping their spouses from working (so much for wanting people to assimilate?), and they would also care about ALL forms of illegal entry (especially ones that outpace illegal border crossings such as VISA overstays) as well as things like Chinese asylum seekers using VISA loopholes to file for asylum.

    The specific focus on ONLY the border really tells you the goal is more political than anything since it's only one part of the problem - a part that's actually had a lot of work done on it in the last 20 years.
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    Canada, America’s hat.

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