Removing runes from ranked.

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Removing runes from ranked?

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  7. Stop trying to make things happen with a dead game

  1. Karamasov

    Karamasov Lord of SL & Master of Challenges

    You guys think it is a good idea to get the devs to remove maybe three runes from each faction. For a limited time only. Ofc taking into account that some runes holds themes together.
    It seems like a small request considering that the devs are not touching the game at the moment.
    Also what runes would you vote for in each faction.
  2. JazzMan1221

    JazzMan1221 Better-Known Member

    There are no devs. It's not like there are programmers sitting around together working on something other than Pox. The entire studio that owned the game no longer exists.
  3. Markus422

    Markus422 I need me some PIE!

    Nothing is OP
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  4. chickenpox2

    chickenpox2 I need me some PIE!

    There are ton of runes (including spells) that should be removed period

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