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  1. Gnomes

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    I got my ass handed to me twice by this guy and his fw. Once he was running meta fw and the other time running a dread bg.

    Could you post your dread bg, I would love to annoy the fk out of people like you did me.
  2. Redderrick

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  3. SireofSuns

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    Wow. That looks like a lot of fun to play, and hel to fight.
  4. TheBulwark

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    I gotta try it. I played a couple games with dread as soon as I came back but had no luck
  5. OriginalG1

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    I have been experimenting with dread combined with chopping block, have had decent success if no one rushes.

    no interest in bone wing?
    I have been using sac dagger or collection of souls to help keep dread champs alive.

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