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  1. Senshu

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    Whenever you run into a bug or problem we would like to know. Please post any such bugs or problems under the Bug Reporting section of the forums. Bugs can be anything including: things not working the same way as their descriptions, spelling or grammar, animations or textures that don't seem to be working as they should, or the game freezes or crashes.

    Before you create a new thread to report your bug please check to see if such a bug has already been reported or is on the Known Issues thread. If the bug has been reported post your specific case within the thread of the first poster while following the protocol laid out below. If the bug has not been reported please start a new topic and use the following format.

    Description of Issue:

    Example: When I finish a match I get issue A that happens and then when I open the options menu issue B occurs. I've shut down the game and restarted my PC, but after restarting my PC and launching the game issues A and B still occur under the same conditions.


    Example: When I perform action A within the game Problem B occurs. I have been in scenarios X, Y, and Z but still when I do A, Problem B still occurs.

    Note: Any additional information is always helpful. Are the abilities functioning as the Rune Descriptions list? Is this happening in Single Player or Multiplayer? What map was the bug experienced? Were there any Global Effects active at the time (Warbanners, Fang and Fur, etc...)? What Runes were in play at the time of the Bug? Are you using the most recent version of video drivers? Also, steps to recreate the bug, your screen resolution, or game settings are also helpful.

    If you feel like posting a bug you found would lead to people exploiting it feel free to start a forum conversation with Senshu or one of the other administrators.

    System Specs:

    - CPU: Intel Core i7 920, 2.67GHz

    - GPU: ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB VRAM

    - Driver Version: AMD Catalyst 12.6

    - Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit

    - System RAM: 7GB

    - Hard Drive size & Space available: 500GB Hard Drive, 120GB of Free Space

    Thread Title:

    Title the thread something that briefly describes the issue. 'Game crashing at launch screen' is much better than, 'Your game is broken' because it tells us where we should start looking to remedy the problem.

    Note: On occasion we may edit your post or combine posts, which is only for the purpose of aiding everyone else with reporting their bugs. Also, this post will be updated periodically with bug posting FAQs.

    Thank you all for your help testing Pox Nora.

    -Desert Owl Games
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    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    Would it be possible to set up a google doc table/chart to help monitor the bugs that have been reported? Perhaps with the status of "unconfirmed", "confirmed", "potentially fixed" etc.?
  3. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator Octopi

    We have an internal doc for this. So all that is needed if for players to create threads here about the problems that occur.

    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

    It's for the
    It's more for us, or perhaps just me, to see what has been reported, the progress of the fixes, and/or any other reports/updates about the issue.
  5. MentalMoles

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    I can definately say as players its nice to know something is being worked on even if the change takes a while, although I know Gedden is gonna make sure bugs are dealt with swiftly from now on :p
  6. Authyrtyr

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    You mention a "Known Issues" thread, where is that exactly? I've not seen it. Also, your post thanks us for our help with Void Rim. I take it that you copy pasted the OP?
  7. Senshu

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    That has not been created yet. Right now since our internal build is vastly different than the live one some of the issues may already be moot.

    Understood, right now with the sheer volume of stuff that needs to be worked on this is impractical because the status of bugs here (because we would need to manually update them) would be greatly out of date constantly. Also creating a direct feed/data dump would not work because there are many things that we may not be ready to talk about potentially brought to light before they are fully fleshed out.

    Ideally we would have a list of like the top 5 largest problems and their approximate status, but that is down the road.
  8. Fluster

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    Im having trouble closing game it froze and now is not closing so i could restart poxnora. I was in the middle of rune management fixing my Battle group and BOOM it froze i was able to minimize window but now i cannot open it. It glitches out and looks to be trying to make itself "Windowed" as in a small window not fullscreen. I will keep in touch if anything continues to happen like this. Also will let you know in about 30 minutes if it is still up, its stuck on tab near start menu and is not pinned to the taskbar. Let me know if you have any information.
  9. Fluster

    Fluster New Member

    i used Control panel Cntl/Alt+del im good now thank for replying if you do :)
  10. Rokkushun

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  11. Senshu

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    Ah, fixed.
  12. Kalythmos

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    I was at the first daily campaing Most wanted to kill Grimlic. He was poisoned and scoured and my turn was started with lost his HP. He went to other dimension, left a nora globe and the game frost. I could not do anything, I could move, deploy, surrend. I won the game but nothing happend. I made a screen shot. I wrote that my myx lord died, but he was more healtier than others...

    My parameters:
    Intel core i3 2GHz
    RAM: 4GB
    Win 10 64b
    AMT Radeon R5 M330

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