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    It's been a minute since I've last checked up on Poxnora and, seeing the state it is in, I just wanted to say I shall miss it. The moment I saw a strategy game where you could play as dragon/people hybrids backed up by dragons I was intrigued. Then shortly after I joined they released the Drums of War expansion, they gave to us the beautiful god Vindrax to bring ruinous destruction to those smelly stunties and I was hooked. I stopped playing around 2011/2012 due to university, except to drop in randomly and usually get absolutely ruined. But getting soundly beaten often was worth the satisfaction the game brought back then, especially when you pulled off a clutch play and turned the entire match around. Lurked on the forums for a while and checked in every couple months because the charm effused by Pox just wouldn't let go, until bugs made it difficult to play and I missed multiple expansions in a row. I still remember my 200cp draksar spellsword named Rand Al'Thor with highly inefficient stat upgrades, but was always so satisfying to buff to ungodly levels and roll people with.

    Clan SLer was amazing, and playing in the IS/SL faction wars and the community at the time was an absolute delight. Seeing threads from 2017 on the front page is heartbreaking, but I am glad for all the memories and hours spent devising new ways to cook frog legs and terrible rune ideas in rune creation threads on the old, old forums.

    So SL, it's been a pleasure, and good night.
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    Vindrax desu
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    Hopefully you haven't done what so many others have done and foolishly sold/given away your runes. Looks like there's still hope for the future of Pox. SL lives to fight another day.
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    Sad to read this message my fellow brother. SL took major nerf along the road of Pox. But we survived, as always. I'm back to Pox too. I play like 3 games everynight, but i watch games the most.
    I've been running Draksar Full Faction and i having good results. Of course ST and those ***** Split's are rulling, but im doing well running Drakkies FF. Well, best of luck in your life. Hopeyou back another day fellow Scale Brother...

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