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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ProR2D2, Aug 29, 2016.

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    Hi ther

    So there seems to be a new expansion and many balance issues fixed at first glance. Nice. I also like the new drawing system.
    The game is going to be playable on PS4 and I have a question:
    How is rune trading going to be implemented? Is there going to be a new Rune trading system? I don't see myself playing this game without poxbox. I wouldn't even have reached 3 hrs of playtime without poxbox, so I think its important. Maybe sell runes for gold with a fee? Thanks.

    Said that, I found some balance inconsistencies left on my runes. Nothing too broken(I think), just 5-10 Nora out of place:
    • Mandate from Sheoul
    Last time I saw it it was 45 nora and was viable. Paying 35 nora for 55-60 Nora worth of equipment (Blade of the snake + kind of sacrificial dagger) seems too good to me.
    • Ancestral Avenger
    I haven't test it, but it seems to be too effective with 20 dmg, 8 SPD, 75 hp, Unstoppable and incorporeal. Like old Greater Pitspawn.
    • Nefari Beastcaller
    With pet seems a bit too hp tanky for its cost imo.
    • Siege engine/Moga Cannon
    Lumbering on long range units its not that hindering as proven by pre-nerf Gnarlwood Launcher, specially when it can be ignored with a Dwarf/Leap 3 respectively. Need to remove fire blast or a small price increase.
    • Nublin's surprise pies/Repair/Magnify Beast
    A bit too effective for their cost on my view.
    • Brood Bond
    Around 3-4 of the new Myx seem to be missing Brood Bond. Considering its their theme enabler I think they should have it.
    • Consume and Summons
    Needs to be less effective on summons. Summons are too easy to spawn with high hp, specially with spells like Call of the tundra, Drone signal, etc, that spawn a 50 HP summon for 2 turns and you can still eat them.
    • Hunter: X
    It looks more balanced but it is currently working like tough against Auras, Ooze, etc. Feels to me as unintended. 20-25% damage increase/decrease would do better imo.
    • Protective
    I think +2 DMG is too low. Some units with protective (like Silverclan protector) didn't need the nerf. EDT: nvm it stacks.
    • Bulwark: X
    It is leaving decent melee champions on 90-100 HP. Needs to have a cap of 15-20 hp or go back to +2 HP per unit.
    • Crushing Blow/Scrapper
    Seems too strong for being active every turn. Should have a CD of 2-3 or be active abilities.
    • Vothsairs/Pincushions
    A bit cheap for having both high melee damage and arrow eater.
    • Zoalt
    I mean, his model is shooting lightning but he has no electric base ability =p.

    Hope it helps.
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  2. kalasle

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    Completely WAI. Hunters have been fundamentally changed, which should somewhat explain the change in price to Mandate.
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    I'm unsure if I disagree with most of your opinions because I think they're wrong or just because I'm used to things as they are.
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    What, even if said change ended up in a buff? :p
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    Note that Protective currently has no cap on stacking. So it's actually really good right now.
  9. ProR2D2

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    Forgot to add:
    • Augment Creation
    Pretty broken right now. With only 2 Augment units on the deck, there is a 47% chance (72% with mulligan) to draw one of them on the first turn.
    • Greenhouse
    35 Nora for no on-deploy effects seems useless to me. I would prefer the speed to go away and give it back some damage.
    • Nora Mine
    Seems a bit too effective compared to other Nora miners. Or maybe other Nora miners are trash.
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  10. Karamasov

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    Take a look at Deepcave Extractor. 42 nora drop for 15 nora every second turn.

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