Pro-life Texas lawmaker introduces bill imposing death penalty for abortion

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by JazzMan1221, Mar 14, 2021.

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    After reading something today about left brain dominant individuals it is very difficult to over ride unconscious beliefs without pulling some MK Ultra torture I just... "wow what is the point of responding to these people".... lol.

    Science is their religion it is no longer a tool for discovering empirical truth in nature. Their apostles are retards like Neil Degrasse Tyson, and Anthony Fauci. Hilarious. I mean these people consent to the murder of unborn children and the use of their bodyparts to create sweeteners, vaccines, and sell their parts on black markets. You just facepalm until you realize there is no point to responding to their ridiculous echo chamber threads that are created to pat themselves on the back and circle jerk each other.

    Even if I were to come up with all the evidence available on why vaccines and germ theory are just garbage science it would not matter. Trying to convince someone that the stats on present population numbers are manipulated and that data is completely corrupted is pointless. Basic logic shows you that killing your own unborn children is bad.

    Antoine Beauchamp knew the truth and they shut him down.
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    Yes, unfortunately people very rarely rise up like in Germany during ww2 (or Gaddafi), and it's usually just societies collapsing upon their own hubris.

    Best thing you can do is basically prep for yourself and your family and the future generations.
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    Yes, but that didn't involve locking someone in it, or requiring people to only move under cover of lightning rods. The reason for countermeasures against lightning are not primarily to prevent people from being struck, but rather to protect buildings and infrustructure (which have a much higher chance of being hit by lightning due to how lightning functions), and tend to be around longer than most people (so the chance to be hit is cumulative).

    All you have to do is prove (despite the CDC, the WHO, etc. already admitting otherwise), that the tests are accurate, and that all of the deaths attributed to COVID (which is currently only a temporal association) are actually caused by COVID and not other conditions and I'd retract my assessment.

    In the mean time on the actual topic (of this thread), tens of Millions have died from abortion, a far greater number than COVID. In terms of saving lives, banning abortion (while not preventing all such deaths, because people break laws at times), would be far more effective than any measure against COVID has been.

    Not sure why I'd be feel assured or restful over such. Apparently you claim to not fear judgement for any of your actions and thoughts. This seems like the mindset of a psychopath. In the clinical sense of the term.

    While I'm sure that many psychopaths can and do live generally productive and/or "normal" lives knowing you may suffer from such an affliction is not condusive to my feeling contentment or at ease.

    All the more because I know that God exists, and that He does, somewhat reluctantly, cast judgement on people at the appropriate time. Whether you recognize this fact or not does not change it. Though recognizing it could lead to a moment of faith, which, in accordance with God's "New Covenant" could lead to your salvation from judgement and damnation... at least by Him if not by people, who are likely to judge you either way. But fearing God's judgement is much more productive than fearing that of humans.

    Such agism. You too were once a "useless fetus" you know. While you might not have been a productive member of society at the time, it was a rather necessary step for you to become one.

    That said, if a "useless fetus" as you describe them, said they wanted to kill an innocent person for their own personal percieved benefit, I would also disregard that "opinion." You see, it isn't about the source of the opinion, it is the opinion itself which I hold in low regard. I don't disvalue your opinions because they come from you, but because some of your opinions are atrocious.

    For a example. Whether "kill all the jews" or "kill all the muslims" etc., came from a white person, or a black person, or a brown person etc.... I wouldn't hold that "opinion" in any high value, nor would it's value change at all between. Indeed, I would actively oppose it regardless. This holds true whether it comes from a woman or a man, likewise, I would oppose it. If it came from aliens, or animals, I would still oppose it.

    Likewise, if someone told me: "we should not kill all the jews/muslims/etc." I would hold it in the same level of regard (which may alter based on context of that quoted opinion). Though, as I am not sexist, I would not hold male opinions higher or lower than female opinions on the matter. And as I'm not racist, likewise the same for any "race" etc.
    Agreed. In particular when people assume that a fact is verified when it is not actually so.

    Interestingly, up through late November 2020, there were not significant excess deaths, according to CDC data publicly available at the time. In particular other causes of death (particularly in the elderly) had apparently been reduced, either because COVID got them before their heart problems etc. or because of the nature in which a "COVID death" is assigned to anyone infected regardless of whether or not it was actually cause of death.

    The statistics appear to have changed since, showing (in general) an increase across the board. I would be interested if there was a spike in other deaths after November, or if a flood of additional data on deaths came in sometime during this year. I do not currently have the resources to figure out when this change regarding excess deaths (or the lack thereof) in the US CDC data took place. Likely however, this prior data has influenced many to conclude that there were no significan excess deaths in 2020, though obviously that data ignores the last two months of the year or so, and uncollected reports through the entire year.

    Interestingly, it is estimated that around 3-12 million excess deaths occured in Asia, though only 1 million were attributed to COVID. Of course, aside from COVID, there were millions impacted in China due to massive flooding, and a general crackdown on Hong Kong protests, though the former do doubt has a much greater impact on total numbers.

    Africa, as mentioned elsewhere, has surprisingly low excess deaths.

    Overall, we still don't know why there were millions of excess deaths throughout the world in 2020. While COVID is blaimed on 4.5M (again, using the temporal associative designation, not proven cause in all cases) which is only half of the excess deaths (using the minimum estimations) of that year. Upwards of over 19M excess deaths at the uppermost estimations.

    Oceania, however, is perfectly fine. Despite this, they have amongst the most stringent and draconian policies in Australia and New Zealand. I suppose some might take that as a sign it's "working" but since Africa is the next most "fine" continent and does not have the same measures... I would need additional corroboration to verify it.

    Regardless... we do, in fact, not "know" the causes of millions of deaths. Though I'm sure disrupted logistics, governmental oppression, flooding in China, and violent riots in the US, Canada, and EU contributed at least somewhat, but the logistics is probably the biggest factor here. What happens when you (even partially) shut down the economy for a year or so?

    If only she could have killed her baby first, then she could have taken her meth in peace. That would surely solve the problem here!

    Don't get me wrong, without being a part of that jury, I don't actually render a judgement as to whether this was an appropriate conviction or not. However, it is clear that this is not merely a case of "miscarrying" a child. If someone willingly takes substances known to harm or even kill a child they carry inside them... a manslaughter charge may not be out of order. It is tragic, yes, but so are car accidents and other deadly incidents. People are still responsible for their actions (unless, of course, she was forced to take meth, etc.)

    It should be noted that abortion is legal in the state she was convicted in you know. That she did not, either meant she was completel unaware of the pregnancy, or some part of her wanted to keep the child. Not enough to stop taking meth perhaps but... not everyone has someone who cares enough to try and intercede when people are harming themselves and others like Jazzman's grandfather. And sometimes it isn't enough even when they do.

    In this case, the Jury made a decision, a relatively quick one, that concluded she was guilty. I can't say if that is truly right or wrong here, but if we don't believe in the jury having made the best choice they could... we then turn away from the legal system entirely. I beleive it was you who encouraged me to remember that laws must be followed. Yes?

    I understand the prior one "giving you cancer"... but it is true that fetal tissue is used in vaccine research (and other research). Including COVID mRNA vaccines, according to verified documents leaked to Project Veritas:

    (Note: I find the Chief's response email to be understandable. I don't approve, but I don't think it requires one to be nefarious to have that reaction.)

    Whether fetal cell tissue is inside the vaccines themselves I cannot conclusive say, though honestly it wouldn't surprise me if the mRNA was sourced in part from such tissues. They are artificially manipulated, but the base materials have to come from somewhere.

    It is a perfectly valid question: Would we have the current "vaccines" against COVID etc. if not for widespread legalization of abortion and the selling (or donating in exchange for a donation if you prefer) of those bodies to research?

    Then again, "perfectly valid questions" are on a short-list of causes to discriminate against someone these days. So while I find your reaction somewhat baffling, I am not entirely without understanding for it.

    More and more people are findout out what is going on. Besides, not everyone can afford a fully-stocked bunker... or even a partially stocked bunker. So may as well keep at it. The worst that can happen is that you get discriminated against... which is happening anyway.

    There are some people that will call you an unprincipled and evil monster for wanting innocent children to not be murdered for the supposed benefit of others. Wacky. But I care about them all the same. Closing myself off from them, wouldn't solve the problem, and might prolong it in the long run. Even if the problem isn't solved, at least I'll have tried, and I won't be any worse off for it in the long run. Even if nothing happens in our lives to change... that seed is still planted for someone else to water.

    Plus there's more room for fun "surprises" in the world than in a bunker.

    "Bluepilling" isn't helpful, obviously, but "blackpilling" can be even worse.
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    Please, don't confuse their religious zeal with "science." As much as Fauci and the others like to say: "trust the science" what they do is a bastardization of scientiffic principles and methodologies. (Including the primary principle that findings should always be retested and not merely accepted right away. "Questioning" a scientists findings is one of the core principle of actual scientific practice.)

    Scientifically speaking, a fetus is a human child. Yet some would deny this whilst screaming: "trust the science! wear this mask that is not only not proven to have any significant impact on what we want you to wear it for, but literally says on the container it is purchased in that it doesn't prevent what we claim it prevents!"

    The religion being followed is authoritarianism, not science.
    Or if you really want to get into it: Baal worship (which, Baal means "master" or "owner" or "lord." The chief Authoritarian that demanded the sacrifice of children, among other things.) May as well mention this while we're being "spicy."
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    I've never heard of Project Veritas before, and I'm reluctant to accept it as a valid source of news, much less information on so-called confidential information regarding the vaccine. Their overview page seems to like tooting their own horn a bit too much. Despite their good intentions, these independent journalism organizations are just as vulnerable to the same corruption and dishonesty that normal news outlets are. Everyone has an agenda; and the more convincing something seems, the more work you have to do to ensure it's not fraught with lies.

    That said, I read their article, and (assuming for the sake of argument that it's true) I'm not surprised that this information was held back. People were already anxious enough about the vaccine, it makes sense that they would want to avoid fanning the flames. It's not a shock that this information was kept under wraps, and honestly it's not even a shock that used fetal tissue in their research. Most vaccines take decades of testing to even reach the human trials stage, but the virality of COVID, and the slow response time of most governments forced them to expedite the process somehow, lest a pathogen of unknown lethality and adaptability overtake the world. I have no doubt that if things had played out differently, they wouldn't have been so hasty in releasing the vaccine, especially since this haste is part of what led people to erroneous conclusions about its effectiveness (and less erroneous, but in my opinion still overblown, conclusions about its long-term side-effects).

    As to their use of fetal tissue, even if time were not of the essence in their experimentation, I would have no moral qualms about them using such methods to test the vaccine. In fact, I consider it a step above testing potentially dangerous drugs on animals, or living humans. If they were using live fetuses you may have a point, but a dead fetus is, well, dead. I don't care what happens to dead masses of flesh; why should I? Why should anyone? People have been donating their bodies to science after their death for years. And since a fetus, living or dead, is not capable of making its own decisions, the parents must decide for it. It's the same thing as when the child of a dementia-ridden parent holds power of attorney over them, or when the parents of a child in a coma make the decision to pull the plug. If the mother of the fetus decides that, should the fetus be aborted, it should be donated to science for study and/or testing, there's nothing wrong with that. It's not like the doctors are standing over the mother encouraging her to have an abortion so they can harvest the fetus's parts.

    All legal abortion does is make the process easier. The decision to abort still ultimately lies with the parents. If doctors can use that dead fetus to create beneficial advances in medical technology, so much the better. Waste not.
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    You go through hoops to point out that excess millions deaths curing a pandemic might not be due to the illness itself. You must realize this is a case of you trying to comfirm your bias. And you claim the reports changed, I have no way of checking this of course. But I never seen reports suggesting that mortality during covid was more or less the same than normal periods.
    About the miscarriage, in the article they say the woman didn't intently harm her child so they are sentencing a person because of the choices she made about her drug intake affected others? what's next? sentencing people because they didn't take the vaccine/wear a mask and unkownwingly and unwillingly propagated covid killing someone? harsh.
    And then, about the fetal tissue matter, it's not like they are blending babies to make vaccines like profhulk suggests. Fetal tissue is employed to obtain mother cells in which they do DNA research but it's not a component of the vaccines. Also, as I understand, most of the research is done on a particular set of cells that came from a particular fetus with peculiar characteristics several years ago. If fetuses were something you could profit on, abortion would most certainly not be banned in the US.
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    Agism really is that the best retort you got ?

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