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    You're dumb.
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    This is my take based on the past couple of months. Probably missing a few.

    Tier 0

    These BGs should not lose to anything under their tier outside of very bad draws or if the opposing BG is specifically built to counter them. Simply playing these will put you at an immediate advantage and turn all matchups into a 50% skill matchup at best for the opponent, assuming both players are similarly skilled and no bad draws are involved.
    • SL/SP Knockback Attrition
    • ST/SL Knockback Attrition
    • FF ST Beastmix
    • UD/FS Psychicmix
    • ST/SP Goodstuff
    Tier 0.5
    Like the ones above, these BGs can be pretty dominant but some of them have actual bad matchups present in the meta or shortcomings due to being FF and only having access to half the spellset options in the case of the FF presented.
    • UD Aggro
    • SP/FW Death Benefit
    • FF ST Frost
    • ST/FS Knockback
    • Stitched Magearm n Friends
    • FF IS Constructs
    • FF SL Sandmix
    • IS/UD Imp Familiar/Flame Charge/Shockwave
    • FF SP Goodstuff
    • FF SL Beasts
    Tier 1
    These BGs are generally agreed upon to be competitive for ranked and will have the capacity to defeat Tier 0.5s and 0s albeit inconsistently. They also have factors such as map reliance skewing their WR and thus affecting their consistency.
    • FF FW Liches
    • FF ST Yeti
    • FF SL Skeezick
    • FF FW Skeletons
    • FF SP Voil
    • FF UD Imp Familiar/Flame Charge
    • FF FS Adaptive
    • FF SP Cyclops
    • Super AoV
    • Lerper OTK
    • FF FS Psymix
    • FF SP Hyaenid
    • FF UD Minotaurs
    • FF KF Wooden Scales
    • UD/FW Stitched
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    I think DMr's list is very accurate with the exception of Skeletons not being tier 0.
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    Wheres my Imp familiar firedeck?
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    Do you mean the Imp familiar Echoes deck?

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    what is stitched magearm and friends combo?
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    k'thir- How is d'elim and tree folk above elves and fairy, and naria are below tree folk, despite making up most of the good tree folk ? Your also missing wizards, which make up most of the k'thir meta, and is easily above treefolk, and d'elim as wizards don't rely on a build up of any kind, they are naturally good.

    Ironfist- Dwarf beasts are not above paladins, and your missing drunk dwarves.
  9. Gnomes

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    if you want people to respond to you or take things you say seriously, it would be beneficial if you read the text that you are even commenting on... if you look down 2 comments from the original one, you can see that i have already changed my tier list of kf according to Ethereliens suggestions. this was almost half a year ago. i have changed my list quite a bit since then.

    next, your comment on IS is what i would call an empty statement. You cant expect me to take what you have to say into account if you dont give some kind of evidence or information. I belive that the dwarf/beasts bg (gryphon/wings) bg i have is my strongest IS bg if not my strongest bg period. i can give you many reasons as to why i think so, but as i expect little effort to come from your side understanding, i wont waste my time.

    dwarves are drunk dwarves. to me their is no difference.
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    Destroyed with facts and logic
  11. super71

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    I don’t need you to take me seriously it’s a game, nothing serious about it. These were my opinions, and then your opinions, no facts, I believe we have a different view on what facts are.
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  12. super71

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    What facts were presented exactly ? It was simply two different opinions and a meta game list, based on no facts just opinions.
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    It is possible to consider Wilderkin and Elven Army on KF's theme list?

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