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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by only, Mar 21, 2014.

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    discuss. thing.
  2. Cydna

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    Zealots ftw.
  3. DarkJello

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    You have 2 pics of a certifiably LOCA chick that is technically a woman, but behaves like a spoiled brat 14 y/o.

    We are voting to help Pox evolve further. Popularity often does NOT equal real success.

    I am confident 90%, or more, of those on the council will make good to great decisions.
  4. MentalMoles

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    Honestly when I saw this I was so disapointed...

    This is going to put the future success of the upcoming revamp at risk, electing trolls and zealots to make important decisions! We should be hand picking the players that are the least biased and most knowledgable about the game, players that play ALL factions too.
  5. GabrielQ

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    I prefer popular zealots to hand-picked ones.
  6. TheNidhogg

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    Don't imagine results will be good. Like Moles said, you need people who play everything.
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  7. MentalMoles

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    I couldn't agree more, I thought we were moving away from the system that put us in this mess to begin with, The reason pox is in the current state is because the previous council which was full of zealots and trolls, simply kept buffing their own factions runes until every champ had 15 abilities.

    We NEED players that know the game and are unbiased, and capable of playing every faction. A popularity contest is just simply a disaster
  8. OriginalG1

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    there is no such thing as a balance pox game, why dose it matter any way?
  9. TheNidhogg

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    I'd sooner put Baskitkase and DMr in charge of picking people. they'd both have to agree on the person for them to make it
  10. Gaverion

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    r.i.p. splits
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  11. GabrielQ

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  12. LoganMkv

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    Zealot council should be fine as long as they can't affect anything for their faction, but rather nerfcall for other factions.
  13. MentalMoles

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    Zealots generally ONLY play their faction and have almost no knowledge of other factions, how are they supposed to make informed decisions with something they have never used?
  14. LoganMkv

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    That's the point. They don't make any design decisions but just point out op things, and ones with most votes is likely to be indeed op.
  15. Greysands22

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    Yeah this a terrible idea. Like making Corpse in charge of design terrible.
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  16. BurnPyro

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    We all know how that went the last time

    Btw I don't think the idea is bad, as long as it's more of a "let's talk about these runes" or "what do you guys think about this". Where greens firmly keep things in check and make the decisions based on info and opinions from said players

    This said could we have about 3-4 'allround' or 'split faction' centered players? I mean, wouldn't hurt for them to get a voice there too. Mostly cause most FF representatives play mainly that faction, splitplayers can provide a lot of useful feedback as well.
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  17. free20play

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    Corpse wasn't that bad
    Honestly i welcome power creep and im happy it exists
    Leoss day 1 were the greatest thing in the history of pox
  18. Greysands22

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    I do agree we need people who play splits and more than faction.
  19. KTCAOP

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    You can always vote and nominate people for that position in places where there may not be a strong/active presence.

    It will be interesting to see how this evolves, it is one thing to have player feedback, but I would also encourage all people of all factions to go in and vote for the faction people but not troll in doing so.
  20. Xiape

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    As stated in the announcement "Player council members will not be designing the revamp" and "This should be someone who is as knowledgeable about your faction as they are about the game at large."

    So they are there to review changes before everyone comments (and complains) about the changes. I think the goal is also to have each faction known by several members on the council, with at least one that is an expert on any particular faction.

    The player community may know more about the history of the game and its current state than the owls, so I'm glad their advice is sought at least in this regard.
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