Petition to some company buy Pox ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GAIAMASTERakaNANI, May 16, 2019.


    GAIAMASTERakaNANI The King of Potatoes

    I was thinking, what if we mobilize our community to create some kind of petition to some company take over/buy Pox ? Someone like WotC, wich have Magic as the most similar game as Pox, or i dont know... any other company.

    This game can't just die.
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  2. darklord48

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    GAIAMASTERakaNANI The King of Potatoes

    Even in those days, i still can't believe Pox died. So much memories...
  4. Axeraiser

    Axeraiser I need me some PIE!

    Wouldnt be possible , while they are willing to let the game die they would still value the game and its artwork far too highly for any potential buyer. I wouldnt be willing to pay more thank 50k for the game in its current state.
  5. Thbigchief

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    I mean we were all sort of shocked anything remotely even related to Sony would buy Poxnora and we all know what happened there... how is some smaller company or us scrubs throwing money at it going to remotely be productive? ... but yeah I'm in obv :cool:
  6. 0ryuk0

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    Please make this game alive.. This game was my first game when I first got a laptop
  7. loatington

    loatington New Member

    I'm currently doing everything in my power to get people to start playing this game
    I refuse to let it die.

    GAIAMASTERakaNANI The King of Potatoes

    So much good memories. Remember playing this game on early mornings... cold outside... a little rainy day. Poxnora website showcasing Talgar, lots of players playing. I was playing with Standard SL bg. Krikkinwing, Drakkie Footmans, Ravager. That were good old days. There's nothing you guys on US can do ? I dont know. Move some kind of petition, to take over the game, find one investor for the game, idk...

    GAIAMASTERakaNANI The King of Potatoes

    What if we send emails to others companies (similar/or not to pox design) to they take a look at pox ?
  10. Axeraiser

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    GAIAMASTERakaNANI The King of Potatoes

    I've read this topic already. I know some people over here tried everything to contact them, but i'll try to do something too. I'll be sending some emails to some companies and people to see if they can do something or if Pox interest them. Because you know, we may already tried some efforts, but money... money is the deal. If it has money i think they will answer.
  12. Bondman007

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    You could get 10,000 people online and play every day...wouldn't change the fate now... It's not the player base that quit first...
  13. Bondman007

    Bondman007 I need me some PIE!

    That's a swell thought and I wish you all the luck. However, unless DOG is offered some obscene amount of money they won't be interested, or care enough, to make anything happen. One of their co-owners in theory would not have the power to sell the game and even if they did they would have to split the profits four ways. Again, even if you offered say $50,000 for the game, that wouldn't touch what they have invested in the game (including the re-buy from SOE) and seriously wouldn't even be worth their time to talk with you. Hence the reason my efforts failed. This wasn't a half-hearted attempt I did. I went into EXTREME depth to find these people and communicated with many people trying to find any way to keep the game around.
    I hope your efforts are more fruitful than mine...
    Good luck!

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