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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PoxBot, May 17, 2020.

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    we talked it out
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    It appears that @Gnomes is admitting to using an exploit to crash someone's client because they "stay back"?
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    Bang nomes?
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    haha, alrighty, let me quell this witch hunt before it gets to much.

    so, ill be first of all explaining my way of looking at it, where i am wrong, where you are wrong, and how/what the bug is ect.

    So, the bug is not one to do with slags themselves per se, more so just the client itself and a lot of stuff happening at once. As far as i know their are two major problems that get the client to become very laggy. One, its when the ooze(or any terrain modification that moves like water) gets over about half the map, and with how the ooze is coded it always makes a new layer of ooze on the old one instead of just deleting the last layer and then making a new one with +1 square size. so after a while the ooze terrain adds up and is held in some catch of some sort. the second thing that causes the client to lag, are the pink circles that cover most of my slags coming from magic resistance on mika/shrine bonus.

    the work around is to restart your game BEFORE it gets to laggy. so that you can reset this catch. and not to try to restart the game when it gets to one point of lag, or else as you saw, you will be stuck not being able to get back into the game.

    First ill go where i am wrong, i should have surrenderd once i saw that you were not going to be able to log in again. that is on me and im sorry, i was kinda caught in the moment with @Vote Kanye 2020 and @danny laughing our asses off that i forgot to do so. Usually i would if the other player had even any chance of winning. to make it up to you, we can que up however many times it takes for you to get your rating back off of me, and ill auto surrender. i think i gained about 21 rating, so that will be like 4 times or so for you.

    95% of the time where it does happen though, i have won the game. in our specific game you actually had a nice counter bg so it would have been close. but most of the time, if ive replicated two oozings thrice so 16 free units essentially ive won the game no questions asked. and then its just a matter of moving forward and letting the auras kill my enemy. so in those games where it happens i kind of see it as a win condition or "wonder" from age of empires. to them, they waited back to long and were not able to stop the replications.

    now all that being said, i think you went about the situation wrongly. and it made it from you being the victim of something unjust to being equal in asshattery with how much hate you shouted afterward. if their is a burst of anger i get it, but you went on for the next 4-6 hours insulting me. witch kinda makes us even in my book. but aah well ill give you the wins back anyhow.

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    You are denouncing him, We playing civ now?
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    We are hilt deep into the millennial cancel/outrage era. Why wouldn't the OP just talk to gnomes about it? 1) its a dead game, simma down 2) even before it was dead, it was always buggy, 3) man up and take your problems to the offender, don't just spew projectile tears at everyone because of some pixels. He tells you how it happens and how to avoid it, and also offers you recompense for lost rating. Seems as if you've misjudged him and basically "denounced" yourself with this display of low character.
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    Ok boomer.
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    Woah there old timer, settle down before your Blood pressure goes back up
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    Gnomes has done this many times previously, also we all have known about this bug for years. It also happens with the water generator, and any other large terrain modifiers, this was done with duplicating that stupid lava creature, and was abused long before gnomes did it.
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    Replace ST beast with ST Frost AMP
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    I forgot terrain generators did that. Well guess I will put away my flood generator rune.
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    I got ur safe space, comfortable couch, emotional support puppy and government-supplied therapist right here ------>
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    Millennial status: just got pwned, epic style
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    Epic gamer moment

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