Patch Notes: February 28th, 2021.

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Etherielin, Feb 28, 2021.

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  1. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    Hey everyone! I am happy to announce that the patch is already underway as a surprise!

    Here are the patch notes:

    - Replaced Air Drop with other mobility effects;
    - Fixed Serkan and High Warlock upgrades not applying properly;
    - Gave Interrogator Attack: Physical to fix the tutorial;
    - Updated texts for Dragonclaw, Draketooth Rifle, Widowmaker, Fast Friends, Bloodthirsty Blade, Lost Grimoire, Spike, Providence and Sheoul Firebow;

    - Salaman Commando:
    - Air Drop replaced by Grappling Hook;
    - HP increased by 3;​
    - Aspect of Growth:
    - Loses Race: Beast;
    - HP reduced by 4, nora cost remains unchanged;​
    - Dwarven Windfury:
    - Max range to 1;
    - Sweep removed from base;
    - Ranged Stance and Hammer Throw 2 added to base;
    - U1 changed to Sweep, Zeal: Speed, and Stun;
    - U2 changed to Dodge 2, Sunder 2, and Vindictive​
    - Mercy:
    - Nora Cost from 30 to 20;​
    - Merchant's Quarter:
    - Train: Farshot replaced with Train: Strike;​

    - Garu Primitive:
    - Liability replaced by Warmonger;​
    - Sapling:
    - Default upgrades changed to Forest Camouflage and Plant Regeneration 2 (greenhouse-specific nerf);
    - Plant Regeneration 2 added to U2;
    - Conduit Watcher added to U1;​
    - Young Sapling:
    - Take Root replaced by Sunder 1;​
    - Woodland Portal:
    - Nora Cost from 25 to 35;​
    - Elven Treecaller:
    - DEF from 1 to 0, Nora Cost unchanged;
    - U1 changed to Domain: Vegetation, Cleansing Aura and Take Root;
    - U2 changed to Cleanse, Nature's Connections and Train: Mobility;​
    - Blizzard Elemental:
    - Wind Aura added to baseline, nora cost remains unchanged;​
    - Fleshweaver Witch:
    - Base abilities: Immunity Disease, Summon: Festering Corpse, Zombie Herder;
    - Basic Attack removed;
    - RNG set to 1;
    - DMG set to 0;
    - U1 changed to Rallying Cries 2, Cast: Ghostly Visage and Heal Mass 2;
    - U2 changed to Swap 2, Ritual of Healing and Puppet Master;​
    - Moga Boom Vendor:
    - RNG from 3-4 to 2-4;
    - U1 changed to Explosive Attack 2, Combo Attack: Slam and Burn 2;
    - U2 changed to Illuminate, Death Nova: Fire 2 and Radiant Blow;​
    - Feshcaller and Festival Mika:
    - Nora cost increased by 4;​

    - Cancel Magic:
    - Nora cost from 40 to 35;
    - Text updated to remove the hidden clause as it isn't hidden anymore;​
    - Draksar Confessor:
    - Rebuke 1 replaces Rebuke 2;​
    - Pincushion:
    - Hunter: Scout replaced by Hunter: Warrior;
    - Resistance: Physical 2 replaced by Resillient;
    - Hunter: Bloodied replaced by Enrage 1;​

    - No changes this patch;

    - No changes this patch;

    - No changes this patch;

    - No changes this patch;

    Link to the discussion thread: Click me!
    Link to the spreadsheet: Click me!

    Happy Poxxing!
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