New and returning player, need some help.

Discussion in 'Training Grounds and Game Guides' started by Kummy, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Kummy

    Kummy Well-Known Member

    I played a while back and I didn't really get far in the game. Probably only played for a month before quitting. The deck I was using was a siege rush deck using Solitary Garu. Now that it doesn't have siege I'm thinking if making another type of rush deck, just so I can quickly finish skirmish and daily quests.

    Another thing, the only Avatar I bought was the Savage Tundra one so I want to make an ST deck. I only have 1.2k shards and 10k gold. I have no idea what to craft or buy. I hear the premade decks are good, should I buy all of them or just the ST one? How about campaigns? Are they worth buying at all?
  2. Vrcic

    Vrcic New Member

    Personally I started off with Dailys and Custome PVE games with a training deck of my faction and earned some runes that way, I then used them to fund my deck for heroic achievements which give good gold returns. Other players may take a different route but it is an option.

    After that I used gold from Heroics to buy core and extended packs, and tradin any Legendary runes (green edge) into a trusted trade store to buy runes for my bg I wished to build, only use trades if you know your values again Poxbox is the one I use and is pretty good, Use faction forums for ideas on what runes you will need.
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  3. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    What he said.

    Starter ST BG. Play a lot of PVP and Dailies and skirmish.

    Build up your ST rune options and tweak
  4. Kummy

    Kummy Well-Known Member

    I'm not really a fan of PvP but I did some custom matches with the AI and skirmishes but I find that matches takes too long to farm, 20-30mins.
    Are there still any shrine rush BG that's still viable and can work in custom matches?
  5. Fentum

    Fentum I need me some PIE!

    GENUINE question...

    Why not a fan of pvp? It’s impossible to lose vs AI but pvp is a great challenge. Don’t you feel like you are just ‘going through the motions’ vs AI?
  6. Kummy

    Kummy Well-Known Member

    Mainly because I'm still starting so I lose often, not to mention I don't have any good runes. At least once I get a farming deck going I can build up my collection and then I might tackle PvP again.
  7. Vrcic

    Vrcic New Member

    I have found that running bog standard runes to complete a Heroic Achievement against a decent player in pvp is almost suicide especially when trying to achieve a tricky achievement.
  8. Kummy

    Kummy Well-Known Member

    Since you can't use a circus deck in custom games anymore I've been playing around with other rush BGs. Here's what I came up with:

    Obelisk of Foresight x2 - Basically a must have rune. It reveals 6 extra runes per turn. Makes fishing for the cards you need very quickly. I haven't found a good alternative for it so this BG will always be an ST split. I tried playing around with Clairvoyance + Recall but it just doesn't work as well.

    A stealth spell, in this case Invisibility. The AI can't handle stealth. It's used for getting close to the opponent's shrine without any trouble. Since they are reworking Time Slip stealth is going to be more important. If you don't want to use KF then other runes like Shadow for UD or even Winter's Shroud (units needs to have Arctic) for ST could work. Or if you don't want to use spells then a unit with stealth already would also work.

    Flying. Good for avoiding terrain that slows you down or crossing chasms. Not really needed here since you'll be farming a small map (more on this later) but I like having it. Again, there are other spells that gives flying other the one I use, Butterfly Wings, or even units with flight already.

    Runes that increases damage. I like Arctic Wail and the DEF debuff stacks plus it's ST so it fits nicely. I also have Ancestral Anger and Crystal Spike. There are waaaay better cards than these but they're not from ST or KF. Quicken is also a good for SL. I also have Ice Storm but I never use it, I mainly have it as a precaution.

    Defensive runes. Blizzard Cloak and Reclaim are both good. I never use them but I can see it being useful when things go wrong and you need to gather your bearings a bit. Use the cloak on your unit attacking the shrine so it doesn't die and use Reclaim when your shrine is getting attacked. Herbal Medicine and Cleansing Storm are also nice, again I never used them so you can leave it out.

    Lastly any unit. Having two is a good idea but you can make it work with only one. I use Solitary Garu because of the Encroached ability.

    Rest are filler cards.

    My strategy is this: play on the Forsaken Waste map with 5 nora globes, it's in the far right of the map selection. The AI tends to go for the globes first before going for your shrine so this way you'll have more turns to set things up and more damage on the Garu if you decide to use it. On the first turn summon the two Obelisks and use their ability to get more runes. On the second turn use their ability again. Third turn, same thing and you should have gotten Garu (or the units you are using). Summon Garu and use Invisibility. Move it towards the shrine, make sure you do not enter the shrine's range just stop one square outside it. Pass the next turn (mainly because I want to use all the spells in one turn). Next turn use Ancestral Anger, equip and Arctic Wail x2. Move the Garu to the shrine and attack. It won't kill the shrine in one turn so kill it in the next. Don't worry, the enemy units will be too far to do anything to you.

    The game should take ~2mins. If you're doing quests then the game must be 4mins+ long or it won't count. Just wait out the timer before killing the shrine.

    Obelisk of Foresight, use it to fish for runes.
    Time Slip is getting reworked so use Stealth instead.
    Don't enter the Shrine's range until you're ready to attack.
    The Shrine usually dies in 2 turns.
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  9. DonK101st

    DonK101st Well-Known Member

    Spend your gold on the ST starter deck Dancers in the snow. Shard them, buy the ones you want. I guess it has the highest shard value of the new pre made decks. Ive bought a few and you get a couple legs and at least 3 exotics. Don't buy the big boxes and stuff, just get the little frosty rat men deck and shard it.

    Just got another one. 2116 shard value for Dancers in the snow.
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  10. Pylat

    Pylat The King of Potatoes

    I found something out just now...

    Tutorials count towards your Daily rewards. Need to play 2 games with a K'thir Forest BG but hate KF? Play the tutorial twice. Super quick way to earn money with limited cards.

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