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Discussion in 'K'Thir Forest' started by Karmavore, Apr 22, 2018.

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    Yeah I'm working on that, trying to find the best settins for recording. My graphics card isn't the greatest. It's like a four year old laptop :/
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    New video up! (Naria VS Skellies)
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    glad you found your pox mojo again
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    Happy to be back! ;)
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    New Naria video up with a BG run down~!
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    New videos up for soften/archers/magic amp
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    Meta BG video posted! :)
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    New games up (woodenscales/pwr melee ft tinydragon
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    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for subscribing! 10 already is awesome!
    I appreciate the support.

    Also wanted to ask if you guys have feedback on the videos? I'm trying to make these as entertaining as possible, I was kinda wondering in the last two videos if you guys like the music in between me talking and making moves. Hard to constantly be talking, especially this early on into me recording, eventually I'll get good enough haha.
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  12. MrCharles

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    I like the music playing. Solid video. I kind of half listened while working and it was almost like I might get to play again one day. A nice thought
  13. Karmavore


    Good to hear man, would be awesome if you came back. :)
  14. MrCharles

    MrCharles The King of Potatoes

    As long as it's still here I'll be back again. My workload doesn't allow for and VG right now. Probably Octoberish Fingers Crossed.
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  15. Tweek516

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    @the archer bgs

    Where's the love for elven archer? :p

    Why archer commander?

    What about patriarch? The drive and shroud can be nice, and he's a good meat shield.

    No covenant/bale? I know singer drops the bales, but the +1 range on demand can be nice. Also, a relic with absorb is more useful than I thought (although I guess you can just use trap to contest).

    What about some lead the charge? Can be nice with ranged champs.

    Angel over page?

    What about vashal ranger + snake charmer? The summons can be useful blocking up your opponent.

    How's prodigy been doing?

    How useful has naturalise been?

    Emerald over herbal?

    You seem to be running very few tanks there karma. Do you have to give up mid a lot (I mean, even more than usual when running archers)? Has this choice ever been punished?

    How's the centaur guy been doing?

    @Karmavore @Etherielin
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  16. Karmavore


    Elven Archer is dope, but doesn't really hit as hard as everyone else, if I wasn't running harbies I'd have x2 probably.

    Archer Commander for Command: Archer / Rain of Arrows, once the numbers get high enough on the archers is nice to be able to drop a rain for 8/+2rend dmg you most likely always be sitting around 16 dmg.
    also she's good for melee hate bg's for the stuff mentioned above. You can also refresh the ability instantly by dropping either the champion or commander out of the rain of arrows AoE.

    Patriarch is good for sure. But I run HoO so meh.

    Not enough pure archers to really warrant using covenant, everything is mostly sitting at high enough range anyways, it rarely makes a difference to include it imo.

    Bg space is limited, seems awkward to include the vashal dude just for that function.

    Angel for invig mostly, increasing the threat range is huge. I know swap does basically the same function, but she's a bit better of a combat unit post DF drop.

    Very true, but this bg play pretty aggressive. I'd have to change a lot to accommodate the use of them.

    I don't run Prodigy ;p

    Naturalize is always useful for summons/relics. Mostly against chop blocks or annoying Bane Shift like that.

    I always prefer the relic over the one time use spell.

    The tanks I do run stick around, and as I said the bg runs aggressive so I'm not really losing a lot of fights early on, but if I need to pull back you have range to crutch on. ;p

    Cantaur bg is really, really strong. I'll post it. Hopefully I can get some video's up soon. Been fairly busy at home, so I haven't had a lot of alone time to record.
  17. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist


    1. Elven Archer offers too little to be considered a pick by me. I like versatile options.
    2. Volley Leader gives you good AoE and Commander means you don't necessarily have to use honour coin at a time. Also quite okay stats as well.
    3. I find him to be too slow and I don't really run into an issue of being attacked from range (as archers have range supremacy so they destroy other ranged champs). Also he can't fully benefit from covenant or commander.
    4. I don't like Archery Bale as a slot. There are way too many precious options in KF to use and dedicating a slot to something you get for free from Arrowsingers just seems wrong to me.
    5. Got it on Condor Fury.
    6. I find the angel to be a weird choice on Karma's end myself but I believe he just wants that invigorate. Besides the angel has solid stats on her.
    7. Not an archer and not an elf, therefore sticks out like a sore thumb.
    8. Very good. The increased range along with elusive mean that she threatens ranged and she can contest fonts against them. Also draws attention of spells to her and away from others.
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  19. Xirone

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    @Karmavore, I love the videos. Can you try to make a Wolf Pack + Horn of K'thir deck work? I want to see that. =)
  20. Tweek516

    Tweek516 I need me some PIE!

    Does horn proc on pounce?

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