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    The thing with ST is that you normally have to go out of your way to include detection and shatter. No jakei has shatter, no monk/ferren has detection, and the non-champion options are horrible. Aside from yetis and beasts my guess is that you'll have a tough time putting those mechanics in your BG.
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    Also I think u should add a snow blind in there because most players use spells to deal with monks and most of em are one unit spells to lose AP

    (Head shock in UD
    Whispers of the mind in SP)

    So it's a great counter to that and it sets you up for a kill

    Also as a non ST player what happens if I cast a fire blast with snow blind on does that negate the snow blind or does it stop my spell?
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    It just changes the square of 2hich the aoe 2 spell is cast from. So the idea is you'll miss and hurt your own units.
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    thanks buddy :)
  6. nepyonisdead

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    Man ,
    I made the bg but for some reason its not working well for me , I do bad vs rush bgs in general and stiched etc.
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    if you like i can wach some of your games and help you out.
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    Thats exactly what i was gonna suggest

    I am not used to not having spells that do at least 10-15 dmg and the timing of the other spells gets me sometimes
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    If you have wave disiplin spell and the enemy is against another unit, of yours or a relic or terrain they will take 15 from one monk, 25 from 2 monks in a line infront of em, 35 if 3 ...ect, and let me tell you...its not hard to get 3 monks in a line or 2 infront and 1 behind for a insane insta 35 dmg on one champ and extra damage on any other champs that are in the line of fire.
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    yeah man I really appreciate you showing me that theme, that spell is like gale force but much better and if nothing you can use it to re position you opponent. I am liking my FS/ST bg very much loads of damage output if u can find the right position.
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    this is what im currently using for my Monk deck, I use it as a method as punishment, when my enemy makes a mistake I'm able to take advantage of it
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    Do you find yourself needing the 19 champs? even in very long games my champs come off cooldown fast enough that i always have somthing to play, so dont be afraid to play 1x of some things, those 2 slots could be used for more utility spells/equips...ect

    solid looking bg though

    your running more monky then nohcandoy

    also to take a picture of your screen go to the start menu and write "snipping Tool" every computer has it as far as i know, from the start. its a bit more crisp to see.
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    ahh good to know, but I normally run 17 champs at most, also the spells im running are costly as hell, so they would be mostly clutter, but each unit brings a different utility to the deck, btw have you tried running providence on Kento? Also 13 of the 19 units do have No can do ability
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  15. aseryen

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    Monks have opened up a lot more. The Silent Master, Swift Current with Frostfall Dragon seems to me like something that is really strong. Fracturing Boulder equipped with Providence next to these guys seems like nothing could stand in their way.

    Saphire Catalyst/Focused Nexus seem like good picks if Elemental Core/White star are grabbed.

    I prefer to have less x2 runes so that I can put more mechanics into one bg. That's my preference so while it would be a full Monk theme it is heavily centered around Silent Master and Swift Current.
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  16. Gnomes

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    Give me some ranged monks with a diciplin ability on it.
  17. Lushiris

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    I think monks could use an "OP" gap closer instead of range. By "OP" I mean a class specific rune that allows the player to surprise the opponent. Right now most monks are just too predictable.
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    Yeah, and Swift Current isn't really good at gap closing.

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