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Discussion in 'Forsaken Wastes' started by yobanchi, Jul 27, 2014.

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    For example, trees and Augur.
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    Everyone stop........ Is Mobi even that big of a deal? I'm literally waiting to take one out of my decks, for the spell we get next expansion. Mobi still gets countered by good positioning and it's one of those things where players who haven't actually played FW only see the spell in its prime. So first I'd ask anyone who has not tried playing with Mobi, to stay out of the discussion. Secondly I vote for SL bandwagon. Double Mobi shrine rush is getting old and probably is the main problem with the spell. It would also make Mobi a bit less drag n drop, in the sense you would actually have to calculate kills to not have the safety net that is steal life. 60 nora would still make it 1x or 2x and most of the other suggestions are just horrible. After the loss of range in FW, the 6 spd melee beaters really do need the extra AP to actually be a threat.
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    6 speed melee beaters? SL says hi.
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    Tempo hit? You're not paying 60 nora and getting 4 AP after 2 turns. You're getting it up front, which is not a tempo hit. And please stop with the "prevents split abuse" Ragick has been infecting everyone lately.
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    Look, gillo, I understand that you're walking the line between FW player and crossing over to others, and nothing is wrong with that, but to others like I who have based their entire collection on the tough to get FW runes are taking a massive hit with all these nerfs. I'm not saying make FW the most blatantly powerful faction in the game, but just to make us somewhat comparable, or, and what I feel is the better option, bring the others down near our level. Just because one or two themes are roughly competitive, that doesn't make it OK to hit things like mobi that hard (over the past, from 45-50-55-60... that's 15 nora btw).

    Splits? Who cares about splits. Ragic was correct when he said that the one thing splits are good at is abusing a certain mechanic or synergy really meant for one specific faction, then getting it nerfed to respectable in Split, but then borderline shoebox in FF.

    FW is visibly one of the worst factions right now, if not THE, and what was the reason that mobi got nerfed? What was the original purpose and basis for the nerf in the first place? Because FW OP? I hear that alot in games from poor FS, KF, ST, and IS players that don't understand how to use their bgs correctly, so please, gillo a.k.a. "FW guru", what was the reason for the ninja nerf?
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  6. gillo

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    I never said i supported the nerf. I'm just saying it's not a tempo hit.

    Edit: I made a long post explaining why in the other thread "Mobilization inquiry"

    Re edit: This is actually the very same thread. lol
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    That 5 extra could mean the difference between spawning a champ, relic, or an equip you need, such as a Soulreaver to make a champ usable if it's stunned or paralyzed (which is the case a lot of the time against prot).

    I don't understand how 5 nora increase is a smart change or even a necessary one, especially to a staple rune. Our hero squad got hit hard, why one of our primary spells that could mean the difference between a win and a loss?

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    And for the record, I'm not asking for FW to have every champs buffed to ridiculous stats and ridiculously low nora costs. I just want unbiased revamping, buffing, and nerfing.
  9. gillo

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    FW is fine where it's at to be honest. It's true that other factions need toning down more though. I would've much rather seen the +5 nora go to domi, than mobi.
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    Fine as long as we play the same 3 competitive bgs.
  11. gillo

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    I'm not talking about making any buffs yet. First we should bring things in line.
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    I assume that you're talking about the other factions.
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    No FW as well. There are still some problem runes like Domination, which is not really overpowered, but yet imbalanced. It just needs a rework or a redesign of chasm effects. Mobi is from that "imbalanced, but not overpowered" group as well. Giving it +5 nora does not fix it, but then again it's the same treatment as DB and Quickening got back in the day and it kind of worked there.
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    a +5 nora nerf is not an attempt to fix or balance a rune, its an attempt to modify player behavior. so the devs define balance by what we the players choose to do. if we all got together and decided to run highland versions of every ff and split faction theme, so that each deck and rune was equally represented, the game would be balanced in the devs eyes.

    mobi got a nerf and dom didn't because mobi is 2x and dom isn't. mobi got a cost increase and not an effect change because the problem with mobi isn't the effect but how often its used. that's the thinking.

    they aren't balancing the game from the perspective of a player in a match facing an OP rune. they are balancing the game from the perspective of a dev, looking down on many games and counting statistics. top down approach to balance might satisfy the math geek in you, but it isn't going to satisfy the players perception of imbalance. And if that isn't your goal, why even bother?
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    Just fyi, mobi was never imbalanced. It was never OP. It was something unique to FW and that's why people complained so much about it - they didn't have it in their faction. FW should be the last item on their list for toning down.

    What is OP though is a spell like thorn collection... large AoE spell that deals 10 damage and refunds nora. That's just stupid design for an already OP faction.
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    I am a fan of #1
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    I asked Yobanchi about this in game when this thread was just starting up. Apparently it's a need-to-nerf basis, the devs intend to essentially blanket nerf all the spells in this game accordingly. Since, you know, they nerfed all the champs, especially the FW ones. So figures I was pissed when I saw another nerf for us, we already relatively suck. So I toned my anger down for the sake of understanding the other factions are getting nerfed.

    But it's been a while now, and you know what? I'm not liking it so far. I feel like other factions haven't really received the brunt of the nerf bat like we have. It's a damn shame. I mean, General Korsien has no heavy charger and has easy target. I am always going to be infinitely pissed about that. There are small things that would make it look like I'm just a FW zealot (which I truly honestly am and I will admit that any day).

    But it's the big things too. I have to legit be a good player to defeat KF, but when they run the right mix of dumb OP things including AA and trees, it's literally impossible for a win as FF FW. I see a face of this game that reminds me of politics, everyone trying to look fair and affectionate towards overall game balance for the sake of the playerbase, but that attitude is getting us nerfed, time and time again. And the nerfs are simply hitting us the hardest because we honestly need buffs the most. And I can go down the line of champ stats on a faction by faction basis, added with the possibility of boosts within said factions and you'll find that generally we do not have the same combination of things to win with that most factions have. And the few things that we do have, special little things, like loss of life, death guard, repurp, dusk creep- people whine and ***** about it, while they have all the things we wish we had. Full heals, fast tempo, tankiness, battlemaster/harden/massive range.
    Skeezicks with surge and 7 speed, put a rage band on it, and you've immediately outdamaged my entire faction unless you give me time to build, which you wouldn't do if you had a brain. And they say SL is lower on the totem pole. Don't think so.

    TL;DR I'm pissed in general but I'm ok with mobi as it is.

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