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  1. chris0024

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    This is actually right on the money. i've played both kf and fw at high limited play and it's done in completely different styles. FW is not as weak as ppl make it out to be but dusk creeper is insane and does carry the bg.
  2. yobanchi

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    Dusk Creeper is definitely too cheap a champ to have that powerful combo.

    I did enjoy TeaScholars in depth notes on rabid ranged champs mightily.
  3. TeaScholar

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    Thank you, Banchi.
  4. Uruboz

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    If I dont have any Doom spell, what I should put to replace that spell?

    EDIT: Why Desecreation its good to have? I fell like is kinda weak and there are some other AoE spells that work better, I really like the UT/ToH + Festering Wounds combo
  5. Baalzamon

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    I used to run Essence Drain before I had Doom.
    Desecration has a very large radius and is effective against relics and to finish off a shrine that is low on HP and it only costs 25 nora. Not to mention most of the FW champs are immune to the damage and double tapping a shrine to do 20 damage to it for 50 nora can actually finish it off in the right situation.
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  6. Netherzen

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    Because of large aoe you can use it to de-stealth enemy champions or relics and finish off low hp champions/relics.
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  7. Uruboz

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    A good combo woulb be Risen Granadier's Long Fuse Bomb + Desecration
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  8. Netherzen

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    I saw yobanchi run that combo in ranked,looked decent.
  9. Uruboz

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    With the ronin expansion, corrupted guardian can be use instead coragh? I have those two champion runes x2, just need to know who is better for what
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    @Uruboz. We aren't going to be able to answer your question without the context of your bg...that said guardian is a really powerful beater, coragh is generally a pile of meat with 1 breath in him before he pops. They don't play the same
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  11. iiiioooque

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    I also don't have doom, been running Obelus and works good when you know where to apply it ... mainly in a champ that you know that's going to attack twice ...

    Essence drain seems also a good choice.
    Anymore choices ?
  12. Uruboz

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    Thanks!, theres no better rune, just better at :)

    Does Vaporize works with Shield of Darkness? to avoid any dmg but magical
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  13. D4rkSteel

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    Yes, thats how ravenwraith gets so strong. She also has resis magic 3. Just be carefull with shatter
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